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Nicola S
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I have just gone through my first solo game.

Overall I really did enjoy it! It not only solos well, but generates a good narrative in some ways similar to Where There is Discord (and that is meant to be a compliment in my book!).

I have a few rule questions:

1 - as the Russian player, is one forced to allocate to the board the total number of fighters and bombers created by the assault cards? Or can some be 'spared' in case one wants?

2 - is there a limit to the size of the hand of the Polish player? I think not, but just checking.

3 - Aerial Combat - Polish player 'doubling down'. Rule VI.-1-b) allows the Polish player to assign two squadrons vs. one Russian squadron. Do such squadrons need to belong to the Polish AF or can any NATO squadrons be paired together?

4 - 'Special Strike' Polish card, it says that the Polish player can
a) eliminate the missile card --> does it apply only if the card is on the board, or does it mean that one could search for it in the Russian deck and eliminate it?
b) destroy one Russian squadron --> again, does it apply to squadrons that the Russian player has put on the board, or even those still in the pool?

5 - 'Additional Sukhoi Fighters' Polish card. I assume that one additional squardon of Su-22 gets placed on the board even if NO Su-22 has been eliminated thus far. My assumption comes from the design notes as well as from the fact that the game comes with three Su-22 counters and in the setup only two are used/placed.
Also, what happens if Bydgoszcz is already occupied by another squadron? I think it gets put there anyhow because the limit of squadrons is checked only at the end of the turn, no?

6 - 'Fleet on Positions' Polish Card. Can it be played with any NATO squadron attack on the Baltic Fleet or does the attack need to be carried out only by Polish squadrons?

7 - 'Out of Nowhere' / 'Radar Ambush' Polish Cards. Can they be used with/for NATO squadrons?

8 - 'Missile Squadron' Polish Card. The card uses the English word 'wounds'. While I can imagine the meaning for the Baltic Fleet (i.e. reduce its strength by four), what does it exactly mean for a land attack card? I assume the same, i.e. reduce its strength by three, correct?

9 - 'Reserve Brigade Attack' Polish Card. It allows the Polish player to remove land attack cards from one territory. What happens to any supporting Russian squadron? My assumption is that they simply go back to the Russian pool (i.e. They are NOT destroyed), correct?

10 - 'Ukraine Hesitates' NATO card. Same as above: since it says to remove the land attack cards on Assault Line IV, I assume any supporting squadrons are to be returned to the Russian pool, correct?
Same for Sweden and Bombing the Infrastructure.

11 - 'US Carrier Group enters the Black Sea' NATO card. Which player chooses which Russian fighter squadrons to remove from the pool? Also, are they destroyed (i.e. Worth victory points) or assumed to be 'busy' with the USN?

Thanks and again congratulations on a very thematic game!
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