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Subject: Corbin the AxeBearer versus Aurim the Sorcerer rss

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Rich Moore
United States
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Runebound 2nd edition, Sands of Al-Kalim: Aurim the Stern Sorcerer Vs. Corbin the Stubby Axebearer

(House rules: 4 xp to level, Knockouts only take ½ gold + highest item/ally, Healing cost 2 GP per heart)

This game was actually a lot closer than it appears by looking at the character stats. Although Corbin ended up 3 levels higher than Aurim, I’d have to say the game was never in his control until the very end. The death knell for Aurim was his defeat by the Fabled Creature, The Dragon. Both he and Corbin were hittin’ the reds at the same time…Corbin had just lost to the Djinni (and gotten an experience counter for his troubles!) when Aurim ran into this beast. The Dragon ate through two of Aurim’s allies and in the end, the Dragon’s 20/5 in range was a one shot kill for Aurim. And with that, Aurim lost not only the Sphere of Protection, but also lost his Legendary Rune, setting him back a completed quest. Corbin was still at three completed quests, so it was only a few turns later when he was able to snag that 4th Legendary quest.

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with Corbin’s ability. He constantly traveled by night to prevent gaining exhaustion and maintain his 3 point damage in melee. But typically the night time creatures had 1 to 2 more life points anyway, so in the end it would take him the same amount of hits during the day at 2pts/hit as it would at night with 3pts/hit. Aurim’s ability, however, was simply beautiful. Basically, he was able to skip all melee phases (especially with some extra fatigue from leveling). This didn’t save him in the end against a high range creature, but there’s a reason he was taking on red challenges at only level 5.

The game played wonderfully. Quests finally were meaningful and required tough decisions. The Sandstorm never was a serious threat, though a few times it threatened to swallow someone up. Overall, a great game.

Corbin: (Level 8, Mind 7/1, Might 11/3, Spirit 5/1, 6 Life, 4 Exhaustion, 9 gp)
Allies: A Street Acrobat (also A Diminutive Scoundrel and A Desert Guide killed in the line of duty)
Weapons: Soul Biter
Armor: None
Artifacts: None
Legendary Relics (in order obtained): Band of Thieves, Rune of Life, Flying Carpet, Scarab of Sands
Challenges Defeated (15):
Red: The Immortals, The Burrower
Blue: Hybrid Explorers, Sinkhole Lasher
Yellow: Living Quicksand, Giant Spider, Inquisitor of Kellos, Shadow Assassin, Darkness Drinker, Leonine Predator
Green: Torchbearer Priest, Death Dabbler, Guardian of the Oasis, Blood Borer, Verman
Knockouts: 2 (Lost the Middle Sister and Rage Blade!)

No BGG image for Aurim!

Aurim the Sorcerer: (Level 5, Mind 5/1, Might 1/1, Spirit 7/2, 8 Exhaustion, 4 Life, 0 gp, 3 XP)
Allies: None (A Legend Seeker and A Messenger both killed in action)
Weapons: Fang Dagger
Armor: Padded Leather Armor
Artifacts: Immolate (Rune)
Legendary Relics (in order obtained): Tower of Sages, Guard of Honor, (Lost: Rune of Foe-bringing)
Challenges Defeated (17):
Red: None
Blue: Stone Shaper, Undying Knight, Dragon of Kellos
Yellow: Devolved Orc, Lifebringer of Kellos, Corrupt Vizier, Elder Spectre, Sandworm Larva
Green: Horned Shaman, Raiders, Undying Thaumaturge, Desperate Criminals,
Knockouts: 2 (Lost: A living Legend, Sphere of Protection)
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