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Subject: Hounded! The Cleric's Story rss

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Robert B
United States
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This was my 100th play of Castle Ravenloft, so I decided to celebrate it with a session report.

Scenario: Hounded!

Mission: Travel 6 tiles “north” to reach the town. Each skull tile spawns a wolf. After 3 have been spawned, a werewolf appears.

What’s that, fellow bar patron? Yes, I’m Thorgrim the dwarven cleric. Yes, it is true, I have a story to tell. Very well, for a tankard of ale....

It was a night of the full moon. I received word that my cleric skills were needed immediately in the nearby town, but I needed to traverse an ancient and evil Barovian cemetery.

I started out to the north and found an arcane circle. A skeleton was in front of me and a wolf stalked me from behind. Both struck me and I found out quickly how dangerous the cemetery could be.

I killed the wolf and then had an action surge, killing the skeleton. I then traveled further north and found an intersection in the road. A foul ghoul rose up before me and once again a wolf was tracking me from behind. The wolf then pounced on me, slowing me down.

Using my skills, I killed the ghoul and found a necklace of fireballs. I walked north again and found a fetid den, blocking my way to the town. A spider inhabited the fetid den and yet another wolf pounced, wounding me.

I slew the wolf, gaining a lucky charm. I traveled west and found an open space. There was a rat swarm there. Then, a sound arose from the cemetery that make my blood turn cold - the howl of a werewolf behind me. The Ghost of Prince Aurel floated by, frightening me and I lost the ability to cast Shield of Faith. The wolf pounced yet again, wounding and slowing me.

I killed the rats, finding thieves tools. I proceeded north, down a narrow road that was blocked by a skeleton. The spider, the wolf and the skeleton all hit, seriously wounding me while the werewolf was running behind me, catching up quickly.

Using Healing Word, some of my wounds were removed. I killed the wolf and found a healing potion, which was also used. The werewolf found me and caused a wound. A wraith also ambushed me.

At this point, the situation was dire, so I used Flame Strike to kill the wraith, gained a short rest and recharged and used Healing Word and headed north to the laboratory. My way to town was blocked once again and a kobold appeared and wounded me as did the werewolf which seemed to be enjoying the sport.

I ran to the east along a narrow road. A wraith appeared and I was knocked out, but regained consciousness by using a healing surge. Lance of Faith dispatched the wraith.

I continued east, desperately searching for a path north. The way was open! Another spider appeared, slowing me down. At this point I was near death.

Running north, the town was very near! A wraith struck, which would have killed me, but I used lucky charm and his attack missed. I ran past him and into the safety of the town as the werewolf howled his frustration.

Post-game thoughts: This was a tense scenario. The short rest which allowed a recharge of Healing Word and finding a healing potion are the two key events that enabled me to win. I exited the cemetery with only 1 hit point and with several monsters, including the werewolf, right behind me.
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