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Subject: Lots of questions from my first game rss

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Ben Stanley
United States
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1. I'm not sure exactly how these familiar are supposed to work. The Spirit Familiar cannot attack and only has one hit point?! It costs a lot of gold but isn't a great shield or capable of doing any damage to the enemy? When a familiar dies, is it dead for good, or just for that room? Are familiars as lame and fragile as they seem?

2. In the final battle with the Catacomb Lord, do players no longer collect gold? It seems like it would be good to stop collecting gold, since there is no where to spend it after the second special room. It also seems like the Catacomb Lords can summon monsters that might run out of players are holding on to dead ones to turn in for gold. Right? Do players stop collecting gold after the second special room, and return defeated monsters immediately to the monster pool?

3. Do players heal at all between rooms? I was playing the Catacomb Lord and was able to quick defeat all the rest of the players (by about the fourth monster room). Is that normal?

4. Can monsters broken out of a freeze attack or heroes released from a devour immediately take a turn that same round they are freed?

5. Are items generally pretty weak for the price?

6. I got this promo card called something like the Shadowlithe Fist. It is cut and designed differently than any other card in the game, and it has no explanation as to how one obtains it. How is it supposed to work?

7. What comes with the Kickstarter version? What are the exclusive heroes, and what are their special abilities? What extra items, monsters, and heroes are out there that I don't have in the base game and caverns of soloth expansion?
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Christian Busch

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1. Familiars die but come back at each room. The Spirit Familiar is pretty weak but also free when you take the Elf. It can help to move things around or be a shield. The other familiars are better.

2. You collect the monsters (so yes the Catacomb Lord can run out of monsters to summon) but you won't need gold at the end of the room since the game will be over. You can stop collecting after the second room but there is a variant the designer suggested: put in a random special room right before the final room so you can spend that last gold.

3. You do not heal between rooms. The game has a learning curve that favors the Catacomb Lord until players are all at the same skill level. The game will be highly influenced by what monsters you put out for the heroes and the Catacomb Lord itself. I have Primers and Strategy discussions here: Catacombs 3rd Edition Battle School

4. Yes

5. No, my geeklist has a rundown on items and power.

6. It is an optional ability card for Elani the Thief. It is very powerful and can help even the sides between and inexperienced/poor flicker hero team and experienced Catacomb Lord

7. My primers list out all the different cards that are in the KS exclusive material.
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