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Subject: Rant: Wouldn't it be easier to include a die to decide the winner? rss

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Wolfram Troeder
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Boardgaming is not a matter of life or death...
...it's much more important than that!
Played/explained this over the weekend a lot, not voluntarily BTW. Not after the first few plays, though.

Does it really matters what you do?
Since it is totally random what you get for your loot tokens: With almost the same loot you may loose or win by a big margin resp. with a big margin in loot tokens you may may still tie or win/loose by just a few coins. soblueshake
I'm not sure how to fix this, IMO fatal, flaw. I just know that I will not play again sober, until this is somewhat rectified.

Open loot in the backpack? So Pilfer is way stronger?

Divide and bias different loot heaps for different dungeon levels? E.g. Most one-coin loots and no gems are in the level 1 heap? Level 2 and level 3-5 heaps accordingly?

Any other ideas?

BTW 2 the publishers
Please print the reward for defeating the dragon on the dragon cards.

Attach the treasure spot to the party space. As of now this is the same iconography as the XP spot, yet the rules when to move tokens there are way different.

Use thicker paper for the character boards and/or use clips or glassbeads for dungeon level and party level. At least deepen the indentions on these rows. As it is now it is useless as the slightest move of the flimsy character board will meddle these tokens/rows.

tl;dnr: Use a die to determine the winner.

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David Forby
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Been Playing this recently.

In one game a player got a LOT of Loot Tokens, due to the values one player almost won. You could simply make all Loot Tokens 1 but then it is pretty obvious who is going to win 1/2 way through the game. So, in my mind it is like a second change. It becomes a decision point to ignore a chest or not.

This is a Push your Luck Mechanic. So it does matter what you do. I suppose you could make different pools of Loot and keep the higher values at lower dungeons. I feel that this will snowball fairly quickly as the deeper you go you get more loot tokens available.

You could give a bonus Loot Token When you unlock a new Dungeon Level. You would need to add a few more Tokens.

Pilfer is a Potent card. It is wisest to steal from the pack and not the pouch if they have ANYTHING in the Pack. But you could modify this. Maybe have a die mechanic for stealing in the pack, Roll off using a d6 to see if you can. Or make it so when you Pilfer the pack you need to exhaust a Thief but get an additional Loot Token. That way you are using up resources.

The reward for Defeating the Dragon is always 2 Loot Tokens. Why put it on the card when it is the same every time? One Way you could mod this is to make a pile for each type of Dragon, making these the higher types. This would make the Knight a LOT more powerful though.

This game is really meant to be a fast pace, light game. Not meant for heavy strategy or thinking. The Loot being 1-3 and the Gems (only 6 total of each type) would make it 1 to 6 each. So with 1 you get 1, 2 you get 4 points, 3 you get 9 points, ect. This can make it a bit swingy. One thing your are forgetting is that you get +1 Point per unspent XP at the end of the game as a bonus. A character has where you get 2 points per XP if you get your character level to level 5. I have found that this can make it from 1 to 6 extra points. Or with that character board you get 2 to 12 extra points. It can make a big difference.

As far as the character boards: Hey, You could use a paper clip. You could also just remove the Tokens for Chests from the board completely because you do load it each time. I have not had a problem with this myself. There are EASY work arounds for you. Or were you just complaining to complain?

If you want a more tactical game or a one where there is less randomness, Try a different game, Like an Abstract Strategy game. This light hearted, rules light, game doesn't seem to be for you. My group uses it as a filler while other players are due to show up or when we don't have a lot of time. Or even just a light pallet cleanser between the heavier or more cerebral games.

Just light fun is all.
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United States
Westlake Village
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That was my issue with it as well. One of those annoying games that has some really interesting mechanics that I want to like, but just one aspect that ruins all the fun. After discussing with my gaming group, we are going to try the following modification next time we play:

Loot tokens are always face up unless they are in someones satchel. This significantly changes the way the game plays, adding a minor element of strategy with regard to the pilfer cards, and dramatically reducing the role of "dumb luck" in favor of "push your luck".
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