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So I play a hell of a lot of skirmish miniature games (Frostgrave being my main squeeze) and I love the thematics and ideas that the KDM Monsters bring. I love that they are AI controlled. I love that they can butcher you up in a second.

But I also love a horde or terrain and other objects, magic and all the likes.

I came up with the idea that within other styles of games you could introduce the KDMonsters into the game as a random enemy or something that's an objective for two rival players. This worked exceptionally well with the Frostgrave ruleset.

Thematically I see it as the towns that are popping up around the KDM world. Some of them are entirely abandoned and are infested with Monsters but also the treasure left by the now-deceased populace. This in turn has brought out many of the Great Game families as well as other, more secretive sects of life into the fray.

Essentially the Monsters use their AI deck each turn and follow the rules almost the same, the changes being;
-D20s are used (stats are effectively doubled for STR and TOUGH)
-Movement is in Inches now
-Terrain is used, such as buildings with block Line of Sight, places such as the Skinnery etc exist in model format.
-Warband members still use the character sheets & gear grids, however you have a warband leader (In my case it's a Frostgrave Wizard with his Apprenctice) this is where it's mostly open to interpretation and it gets very exciting. Casting 'Mind Control' on the White Lion for example and effectively becoming the 'monster controller'.

As an aside, Insanity is a mechanic that could be really amazing in terms of Wizardry. The more insane you are the more intense your spells but the worse the effects could be if you miscast by a large amount.

In practice this has gone really, really well. The larger monsters (Eg Phoenix) are a bit cumbersome with such a high amount of terrain. But the White Lion, the Butcher and The Flower Knight are all amazing fights. The PvP aspect remains the same ala Frostgrave, but the added threat of something that can rip a head off your Wizard in one hit is quite stellar.

Some things I'd love to add to the game;
-PvP Hunt Track & corresponding hunt events
===\/\M So this is 3 normal hunt events, followed by an encounter with
===/\/M the other warband, then another event, followed by eventually both of you finding the monster.
-Loot & Gold balance - Hiring new folk with experience, potentially becomming allied with one of the great powers (eg The Goblin King/The King and receiving a Kings Man etc)
-Events that include all players involved (work together or claim everything as your own?)
-This opens up diplomacy Settlement Principles and politics.

I got so excited when Poots spoke of the invasion aspect of The Lantern Festival so I really thought pretty damn hard on how to get this into the game. I adore the idea of pvp in KDM. Let me know what you think!
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