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Mark van der Upwich
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Episode 85 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Monday, November 21st (since Friday, November 18th).

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New Week, New First Roll! I Hope you all had a good weekend. We’re getting in the pre-christmas slump which is very noticeable in the amount of projects that appear on kickstarter. It is however pretty good for me since I am swamped with all kinds of real life stuff I need to do as well (as well as to find some time to watch Survivor Series and Takeover Toronto somewhere this week). So yeah, busy weeks ahead but I’ll Manage.

I do want to note that since there is no Final Roll podcast anymore in its current form, you can still keep up with the RPG part of it. As of now I will put a written version of what was the RPG section of the Final roll online for my Patrons! Head on over to and subscribe! You can get these on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are included to all pledges, so that will cost you only 1 USD per month! So If you want to be kept up to date about which RPG’s are ending, head on over to Patreon. You will also be inducted into my Hall of Patrons which can be found on my soundcloud page! So.. free plugs and your RPG fix of the Final Roll for 1 USD!

In any case, here are the games that are new on Kickstarter since Last Friday.


Cultists of the Kraken Lord:
Midlam miniatures is bringing the Cult of the Kraken Lord to your tabletop! This set of 9 Miniatures comprises 7 Cultists, 1 (larger) Guardian miniature and 1 High Priest on Kraken Throne, from where the downfall of mankind is slowly brooded upon. Pledges start at 3 GBP for a single model and the entire cult is 26.
Ends 12-18

Another miniature range comes with ‘Contractor’ by Special Artizan Service Miniatures. 28mm hired guns with incredible detailing and they come with their own SUV vehicles. The 10 different miniatures come in a set and will cost you 60 USD.
Ends 12-31

Kraken Scatter Terrain:
And finally there’s a very goodlooking terrain range called the ‘Kraken Scatter Terrain’. A high quality resin cast range of scrap terrain featuring all kinds of post-apocalyptic scatterings. Is that a word? If it’s not, it is now. There’s several sets available so check it out for yourself!
Ends 12-18


Yokai Quest:
Boardgames! Where Shadow & Brimstone from a couple of weeks back combined two of my favorite things, Yokai Quest takes it even a bit further with Japan, Miniatures and Chibi’s! Players control brave heroes who face the evil plans of ninjas of the Red Claw and terrifying yōkai, in an action game inspired by the mechanics of beat'em up and RPG. Yokai Quest is 100 EUR and that includes the Oni expansion as well!
Ends 12-19

Aardvarks vs. Aardvarks:
And the other boardgame is Aardvarks vs. Aardvarks. Use cards to build the play field, move your aardvark, challenge other aardvarks, and gather ants! Aardvarks vs. Aardvarks is 22 USD for a standard version for up to four players and 40 for a deluxe version for up to eight players.
Ends 12-18

Card games:

Touched On:
Card games then! Touched on is a card game for commuters where you ‘accidentally’ abuse Melbourne’s public transport network. Your goal is to get your characters home or out to that rad new restaurant you just saw on Broadsheet, without touching on and without getting caught! Touched on is 3 AUD for a PNP and 22 for a boxed copy.
Ends 12-18

Santa Banta:
And the other card game is Santa Banta. A one of a kind, simple and hilarious role playing card game where you must bring your inner elf out to find the naughty one at the table. A great way to bring your family around the gaming table this holiday season. Santa Banta is 7 CAD for a PNP and 28 for a physical copy.
Ends 01-10

And now the Role Playing Games presented to you by Dark Naga Adventures. Check them out at or on facebook at Dark Naga Adventures - Awesome is in our DNA.

Role Playing Games:

Sunken Temple:
The first of two RPG’s is Sunken Temple, an Cthulhu inspired adventure for 5th Edition, Pathfinder and What’s O.L.D. is New. In the forbidden places of this world, where civilization is yet to penetrate, there dwell horrors of a primeval age. Scholars speak of these elder things - these morguul things - only hesitantly, for to drink too deeply of their lore is to stain ones’ very soul! Sunken Temple is 10 USD for a PDF and print pledges start at 20.
Ends 12-18

Places by the Way (Relaunch):
And the other RPG is the relaunch of Places by the Way. After some licensing difficulties, Douglas Sun is back with with his series of of short location and / or adventure modules for 5th edition. Each Places by the Way module is meant to be a kit for creating a memorable interlude in a larger campaign, but some could even do as a short-story standalone adventure. Pledges start at 10 USD.
Ends 12-18
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