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Jayson Myers
United States
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This expansion gives you a new power which is nice and appreciated. The game is hard (mostly due to luck) and the extra power and the choice that comes with it is very much appreciate.

The real cool factor is the different zombies you get. In the base game, all the zombies move and act the same. Here, we get three different types with a different power. I really like the changing zombies instead of the same one all the time.

These new zombies may hinder you with luck as the crawlers cannot be killed with a gun (what if that is all you roll?), but ti adds different decisions as to when you can kill them. Timing is so important now.

The complexity isn't too hard as there are only three different types of zombies (4 including normal), but when they move and get attacked you need to pay careful attention.

Overall, if you like the base game and want a little more, then splurge for this addition and track it down. Neat expansion.



I like the new components. You get a small deck of cards for the kills and a ton of miniatures for the 3 new types. The zombies match the look and feel of the walkers in the original base game. They are easy to tell apart with a quick glance. The game continues to be over produced. And I love it!

Rule Book:

There are not a lot of rules, but what is here is pretty straight forward. The rules take care of set up and the powers of the different zombies. The skill cards get very little explanation.

Flow of the Game:

We get two things in this expansion: 1. skills for our characters 2. different types of zombies.

1. Skill cards - at the start of the game you are dealt two skill cards each with two choices on it. You choose one of the skills and it basically gives you a power for the entire game.

2. We now get a deck of cards that tells us which type of zombie is added to the board. Here are the different ones:

A. Crawler: Immune to guns
B. Runner: immune to run icon on dice, they move 2 spaces when advanced
C. Brute: takes 2 damage to kill (must all be at one time)

* if a certain type of zombie is not available, then you add a walker instead

Should I buy this game?:

If you like the base game and want a little more, than this will add a couple of things that give you a little more to think about. This is pretty close to being a game changer, but falls just short. If you like the base game, then you should get this to add to it.


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