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Subject: Well, the name tells you most of what you need to know... rss

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Ed Sherman
United States
Colorado Springs
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"Hmmm... the game box says Settlers of Catan 5-6 player expansion, I wonder what that's all about?"

Well, it's an expansion that lets you play Settlers of Catan with five or six players.

You get:
-- additional 15 Hex Tiles
-- 2 more Sets of Wooden Pieces (settlements/cities/roads)
-- 25 extra Resource Cards
-- 9 more Development Cards
-- 28 replacement Number Chits

It also introduces on new rule to facilitate gameplay: during the active player's turn, when after they build, everyone else gets to build as well. This is nice, because it keeps you from getting lots of cards and then losing them to the robber before you even get a turn. The downside is that it really needs to be managed to keep from slowing down the game. (I end up saying at the end of my turn, "anyone want to build? No? Well, then..." to keep thing moving along because it's easy to forget if you're used to the regular way of doing it.)

Okay, that is all pretty straightforward. You can play with more people, but the real question is "should you play with more people?"

It makes the game longer, that's for sure. That could be a problem. The trade-off is that there are more people available for trading. (The monopoly card is also really fun to use in a six-player game when you notice there's only a couple of cards left for bricks.)

There's also the issue of how "tight" you like your Settlers game. I see the relationship between five and six players similar to the game with three and four players. Since you get extra tiles, a five-player game has a little more room to maneuver just like a three-player game has room to maneuver. Also, the six-player game and the four-player game have the same feel, since I feel challenged for space at the very beginning.

In conclusion, it's a little pricey for what you get, but in the end we decided it was worth it. We often have five players and we like the feel of the five-player game. You may not based on how you play Settlers, but it's nice to have the option there. (Our rating: 8)
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