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Subject: Heavy Gear Dreadnoughts: Kickstarter rss

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Brandon Fero
United States
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Start Date for the Kickstarter: November 17, 2016
End Date: December 17, 2016

Link to the Kickstarter: Heavy Gear Dreadnoughts

Fleet-scale tabletop wargame featuring high-tech landship armies, dynamic player-defined turn sequence, and strategic decision-making.

About this project

Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts is an exciting new tabletop miniatures wargame simulating fleet-level battles in the far future. Control armadas of landships, massive hovering fortresses bristling with weapons & troops. To achieve victory, you must wisely manage your army to not only deliver punishing bombardments, but also to launch air missions, command ground forces, and provide repair and recovery resources to damaged units.

The Kickstarter is to fund steel injection molds for plastic miniatures needed for Fusion Core Studios' tabletop wargame. These high-quality plastic miniatures will be used to produce a 2-player boxed set of 8 landships, with 4 different models.

Primary Funding Goal: $30,000 USD

Dreadnoughts Core Starter Set Box $80 USD Pledge (plus shipping)

2x Northern Susano-O Landship: A huge siege ship with a dozen artillery turrets.
2x Northern Avenger Landship: Missile ship with optional loading ramp positions.
2x Southern Imperatrice Landship: The largest Southern ship, with options for open or closed gun decks.
2x Southern Khagan Landship: A long-range patrol ship, with options for open or closed gun decks.
1x Set of Landship Crew Emblem Phone/Window Decals (Backer Reward).
1x Rulebook PDF.
1x Set of Landships, Gears, Striders, Tanks, Infantry, Aircraft, Templates and Game Token Counter PDFs.

That's just our initial goal, though. As we hit our stretch goals, we'll be able to add more value to the Core Starter Set, with a final goal (at Stretch Goal 23) of a boxed set containing 20 ships (of 8 different classes) with multiple variant options and bonus parts, over 100 troop miniatures, color rulebook, and heavy cardstock tokens, cards, and templates.

Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts Stretch Goals:

Stretch Goal 1: $33,000 USD: Extra variant parts for Khagan.
Stretch Goal 2: $36,000 USD: Extra variant parts for Avenger.
Stretch Goal 3: $39,000 USD: Extra variant parts for Imperatrice.
Stretch Goal 4: $42,000 USD: Extra variant parts for Susano-O.
Stretch Goal 5: $45,000 USD: 1 more Susano-O, Avenger, Khagan, & Imperatrice landship.
Stretch Goal 6: $48,000 USD: Printed Rulebook (planned at 64 pages, color).
Stretch Goal 7: $51,000 USD: Add 1x Northern Borasco, the North's light carrier.
Stretch Goal 8: $54,000 USD: Add 1x Southern Sanguinaire, the Southern covert ops ship.
Stretch Goal 9: $57,000 USD: Extra variant parts for Borasco.
Stretch Goal 10: $60,000 USD: Extra variant parts for Sanguinaire.
Stretch Goal 11: $63,000 USD: 1 more of each of the following landships: Borasco & Sanguinaire.
Stretch Goal 12: $66,000 USD: 1x Northern Maelstrom, the most advanced fleet carrier on Terra Nova.
Stretch Goal 13: $72,000 USD: 1x Southern Basileus, a fearsome new multi-role carrier-cruiser.
Stretch Goal 14: $69,000 USD: Extra variant parts for Maelstrom.
Stretch Goal 15: $75,000 USD: Extra variant parts for Basileus.
Stretch Goal 16: $78,000 USD: 1 more of each of the following landships: Maelstrom & Basileus.
Stretch Goal 17: $81,000 USD: Heavy cardstock tokens, templates, reference cards, and game materials.
Stretch Goal 18: $84,000 USD: Add 4x Small North/South Gears (set of Scout, Battle, and Assault).
Stretch Goal 19: $87,000 USD: Add 4x Small North/South Armor (set of Tank, Artillery, and Air Defense).
Stretch Goal 20: $90,000 USD: Add 4x Small North/South Aircraft (set of Jet and VTOL).
Stretch Goal 21: $93,000 USD: Add 4x Small North/South Striders & Infantry (set of Strider and Infantry).
Stretch Goal 22: $96,000 USD: 1 additional set of North/South Gear, Armor, Aircraft, and Striders & Infantry.
Stretch Goal 23: $99,000 USD: 1 additional set of North/South Gear, Armor, Aircraft, and Striders & Infantry.
At the final Stretch Goal, the Kickstarter will have added an extra 12 landships to the Core Set, for a total of 20 ships. That's over $200 of miniatures value for the $80 Backer Pledge. Every bit of support increases the return on investment for everyone.


Early support has benefits: the first 375 Fleet Commander pledges will get their rewards shipped out first.
There are also Northern and Southern Commander pledge levels, for Backers who only want miniatures from one faction.
The Retailer Bundle pledge level allows Retailers to help fund the project while getting a discount and early stock.
Add-on Rewards will be posted as funding goals are unlocked.
Thank you for your support!

Add-on Rewards (to add to your pledge):

1x Dreadnoughts Core Starter Set (with any unlocked stretch goals) $80.
1x Northern Commander: All the Northern landships from the Dreadnoughts Core Starter Set (with any unlocked Northern stretch goals) $50.
1x Southern Commander: All the Southern landships from the Dreadnoughts Core Starter Set (with any unlocked Southern stretch goals) $50.


Collaborator Notes

Since the Kickstarter began, we've had multiple good questions from dozens of Backers, requesting information concerning how the gameplay will proceed.

Fusion Core Studios has explained, in short, that one of the primary influences for the game is that of the old board game Harpoon, on which Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October was partially based.

Landships are powerhouses in the game, and centerpieces, but infantry, Heavy Gears, striders, tanks, and aircraft will all play a significant role in their own way. Each counter is intended to represent a larger platoon or company-sized formation of personnel and/or armored fighting vehicles.

The gameplay is intended to be "counter-light", to avoid some of the "tails" that appear on such games as Star Wars: Armada. It is reminiscent in some ways to OGRE, where the landships have an entire datacard to keep track of, while the smaller attached ground forces use a tinier stat block, with their abilities fluctuating depending on the type of terrain that they are engaged in.

For example, tanks will dominate in clear, open areas, while in urban areas, their mobility will suffer, and infantry's use against them drastically increases. However, tanks still carry extremely powerful weaponry, and thus can make a stand in these areas if their commanders (the player) wish them to.

Another question that arose is about the scale of these models. For scaling purposes, Fusion Core provided some test pops of two of their models next to a 1/2400-scale modern Japanese Izumo carrier, and the older 1/4000-scale Khan-class cruiser used in the old Fleet Scale for Heavy Gear.

There will be more updates coming in the future, so hopefully everyone will have a look. Thanks very much! Power on!
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