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Subject: Our first play - or Wendy the Boss! rss

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Joel Tamburo
United States
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Our first play was the first scenario using the Roland and Wendy decks as prescribed in the rules. And it was awesome!

This is a very well designed game. We had thematic cards (especially the weaknesses and specific items like Wendy's Amulet), lots of decisions to make and the play flowed very well.

Back to the game.

Roland did well but soon had a serious issue with Sanity, as he was down to one. Wendy was in better shape and had (key for us) banked a pretty large number of resources. We got set to advance to the final Act and....Wendy drew her Abandoned and Alone. Goodbye discard pile.

Determined to make it, we went to the final Act and there it was - the Ghoul Priest! Fortunately we had the presence of mind not to advance the Act (as far as we could tell you choose when to pay the clues and do it) until AFTER the Enemy phase.

And so it was on to the next move. Thankfully we both handled our Encounter cards. Per the rules the Ghoul Priest was at that point Active and Engaged with Roland. So, off we went.

Wendy went first. She had four actions due to her LaRue ally.

1) Engage the Ghoul Priest

2) Evade the Ghoul Priest

3) Sneak Attack it for 2 damage

4) Flee to the Parlor

Roland was likewise able to go to the Parlor as the Ghoul Priest was exhausted. We had Roland recruit Lita which eased a bit of the Sanity danger and boosted our fighting power.

The Ghoul Priest of course followed us into the Parlor. Next move.

Again we got lucky and handled the Encounters. Which brought it to the inevitable battle.

Wendy did her patented Engage, Evade, then attacked with Baseball Bat which with Hard Knocks in play and an Unexpected Courage succeeded, and finished with a successful Backstab! Because only one thing was an Attack and it did not Fail there was no Retaliate.

On his turn Roland shot the Priest with his .38 Special and that was that!

We loved the irony that 10 year old Wendy delivered no less than 9 damage on the Ghoul Priest. Granted this was luckish in that she had both Sneak Attack and Backstab in her hand along with Unexpected Couage.

NOTE: Sorry this showed up twice. It looked like BGG errored out when I posted this so I put it up in General instead
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Fernando Santos
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Nice session, me and my fiancee also dealt with that nasty ghoul priest!

One note, concerning the advancing of the final act, according to the text on the Act card investigators would spend the amount of clues at the end of the round, so it would always be after the enemy phase and before the beggining of a new round.

We also are playing with the Roland / Wendy team
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