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Subject: some home rule ideas/thoughts for SF:USA and SF: NBD rss

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Jay Wrobel
United States
Dist of Columbia
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After numerous plays and looking through posts in the forums, we have been toying with some home rules to enrich game play. This is an attempt to increase interactivity, tactics, provide more loot and reduce some bad luck. These have been tested a few times but not enough to declare them done...and welcome any comments or playtest feedback. Note: in most cases it helps the player experience so all enemies should be given an ability and may reduce # turns by 1 if too easy. Thanks!

1. Re-rolls
1.1. After rolling dice, may re-roll entire roll with 1 fewer die (thus reducing overall bad luck)
1.2. Spend 1 XP as a 'Fortune Point' to re-roll all dice

2. Minor Actions. In addition to the Actions in the rules the following may be done for 1 Action Die (set aside and don't roll).
2.1. Swap Gear. Swap any number of Gear with 1 other Hero.
2.2. Change Gear. Reorganize any Gear on Hero
2.3. Drop Gear. When dropping Gear, may spend 1 Die to place it on the Board a # of spaces away = dice discarded
2.4. Pick Up. May pick up Gear from Board space for 1 Die
2.5. Loot. If in space with defeated Monster may spend Action dice up to Enemy’s STAR to try and loot. For each die allocated, roll the dice and look for STAR. 1 STAR = small item. 2 STAR = Magic item. Note: Looting player may choose any combination of results, so 3 STAR could be 3 small items.

3. Movement. Players may move through the space with a Hero or Enemy:
3.1. If Hero, must use Move points = Hero’s STRENGTH
3.2. If Enemy, must use Move points = lower of Enemy’s STRENGTH or STAR

4. Attack. If Attack outcome > 2* Protection, +1 Damage

5. Enemies and Loot. To get more Treasure in the game, the following is done for the Enemies.
5.1. Defeated. When defeating an Enemy, roll 1 fate Die (2 if Enemy has >3 STAR). If color matches Hero, gain a small item or Treasure.
5.2. Looting. Defeated Enemies may be looted. Remove defeated monster from Board when looted or End of Turn.
5.3. Spawn. When spawn, roll an Action Die. # SWORD= # Enemies. If STAR, spawn harder Enemy
5.4. Tougher. Give all Enemies a special ability
5.5. Inventory. All Heroes can carry 2 Gear in Inventory

6.Player Turns. Instead of each player resolving all dice at one time, the turn is played in 6 Phases, 1 Phase per die. Like the normal rules, a Player may decide how many dice to use in their action and may spend dice from future Phases. On a player’s turn if they have not used that Phase’s Action Die, they may act. If they have, no action and next player may Act. Example: on 1st Turn all players will Act (in order decided by player that just acted) and so Jack uses 1 die to Move then Sally uses 3 dice to Pick a Lock. After resolving their actions, Sally is not able to act in the 2nd or 3rd Phases (since she used 3 dice in her 1st action). Jack uses Phase 2 to Move 1 then Uses 4 dice to Attack. On Phase 4 Sally will use the rest of her Action Dice (since Jack has spent all 6).
6.1. Resolution. For ease, the acting player’s Action should resolve immediately though the player may not act against until remaining dice. Option: Resolution happens at end of Action. This is more tense and strategic but takes some time. Suggest having a sheet with the Action Options and put the dice in the Action Box until resolve.
6.2. Order. Players determine the starting player each Turn. Then the player that acted will choose the next player, though each player must resolve each Phase.

7. Option for grittier play: change the results so 1 sword gave the refresh, not the star (means the failure will aid in the recharging, not the great success)…less swingy
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