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Well, this post, about how to treat a unit which has splintered from a group, is more to confirm that I understand something correctly rather than to ask how to play... So, please confirm, or correct!

I've looked at several threads on the topic of shared/group activations. And of course, the great examples in the Rulebook. So I'm 99.8% sure I got this right...

- A group of four adjacent units is declared (unit details don't matter here).

- Consider the four ways to pay for Group Actions (rule 9.2):
* Shared activations, using the Shared Activation rule (9.0)
* An Opportunity Action, as a group
* A Command Action, as a group
* A Card Action, as a group

- Thusly the group of four units will move, selecting the shared Activation Rule as its method of paying the AP cost. Note: Each unit has a movement cost of 1 AP.
- All four units are activated and the AP track is set to 7 (using the standard AP rule)
- All four units move to an adjacent hex, spending 1 AP from the pool. Six AP remain.
- During the move, one of the units splinters off, or moves so that it is no longer adjacent to the other three units

Updated Situation:
- There is one group of three adjacent units, with another unit now two hexes away from the group
- Reminder: All four units were part of a single group at the start of the previous turn and took a Shared Action as a group
- The Action Point track is at "6"

Please Confirm This:
- That the single unit that splintered off from the group, is still part of the original "shared activation" pool, although it is no longer part of the group!
- So, if that lone unit wanted to let's say, Attack (for 4 AP) on the following turn, it would have to do so as it's own turn, and would still deduct the 4 AP cost for attacking from the 6 APs remaining in the current pool.
- This would mean that on the turn after that, the original group of three units would have only 2 AP remaining for its use (or those 2 APs could still be used by the lone unit).
- Once the AP pool is reduced to zero, all four units (including the unit that splintered off), are marked as spent.

Do I have that right? I assume so.

And BTW, thx!
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Simo Ahava
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Group activation is a subset of shared activations. When you perform a group action, you implicitly create a shared activation between all units participating in the group action. This shared activation applies even if units leave the original group. You can add more units, not part of any group, to this shared activation in later turna, if there are still AP left in the pool.


EDIT: note that a shared activation is only initiated when you actually spend AP. If you use CAP or a command card, you're not spending AP, so any units participating in the command group action will not share the activation (unless they already shared it prior to the command).
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