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The new Science is a game that brought me to the table with the different theme, but the game play didn't blow me away. I love worker placement games, but maybe I have too many at this point and they really need to stand out. The "happening" cards were very powerful and sometimes luck played a huge part in upgrading while others had to work very hard. While, perhaps, realistic, it may not be the most fun you will have in a game. I don't know if it is fun to slowly upgrade your character only to have someone else get a lucky card and do the same thing in one action. These "happening" cards also can be huge catch up cards and really come off as unfair and luck based.

Otherwise, the game is a rather straight forward worker placement game. You have seen this all before. The trick to this game is when to score those points via publishing. When you publish, you give all other players the technology you just published. The game is tight enough that I'm not sure you want to sit on this very long as people will sneak up behind you and publish those reports and take those VP from you.

The two most important actions to take (by far!) is publish (which is very limited) and resting (to get first player). At least in our plays, getting first player so you can publish is just so important. You must focus on this or you have no shot at winning (in our humble opinions).

Overall, I think this is a solid game. It sort of falls in the middle for me. It holds a lot of water due to the theme and the history put into this game. I find it enjoyable enough and one I would recommend you trying it.

Keeper. For now.


The components are okay. I found the colors to be pretty bland and not very attractive. We get cubes and other wooden markers. My box fell apart rather quickly as did my board. I don't know if this is normal, but mine didn't hold up very well (and I have to report my findings). Otherwise, I found the components to be just okay and nothing to write home about.

Rule Book:

The rules are pretty straight forward. There is a FAQ at the end of the book. I had a couple of questions after we played which were (sort of) answered online. I didn't have too much trouble and I don't think you will either.

Flow of the Game:

Players take turns placing their "energy" workers to use places on the board. There is a concept of "rest" where you can place your worker and move up turn order but sometimes just as importantly "helpful" actions later.

There are 5 tracks you need to move up to not only get VP at the end of the game for having the most in each individual track but also to meet the requirements to score (publish).

Lastly, there are three actions that push the game forward. This is research, experiment and publish. There is a race to publish, which is the main way to score VP in this game. Each character you play has a different bonus in these three categories. Research is just to get on the board. Experiment is easier if you don't experiment first, but requires some luck with a die roll. Publish is about pushing the boundaries to score VP (and requires a certain place on those tracks I stated earlier).

The trick to the game is once you experiment you can move on the technology track, but to score VP you have to publish your work. Yet, when you publish you give this technology to all of the other players. You take the good and the bad.

Should I buy this game?:

This is a game that I would recommend playing before you buy it. It is a pretty straight forward worker placement, but when to score is the main decision you have in this game. The colors are a tad bland, but a lot is going to come down to whether you like this theme or not. It is a solid Euro, but there are a lot of solid Euro's on the market.

Keeper. Need a few more plays.

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