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This is not a rules question but a rules clarification. Disclaimer: I chalk up my mistake to stress-induced fatigue. whistle

This past weekend I cracked the shrink wrap on my shiny new copy of this game and quickly read the rules. For some reason I was confused by the explanation of when an item card is an item vs. when it's an obstacle. I suspect my confusion was elevated by the placement of this information in the rulebook before the use of items and obstacles are actually explained.

Anyway, my mistake was I thought the obstacle symbols were the items, so I was often able to remove a two-symbol obstacle with only one item card. shake

For example, if an obstacle card has the map and lantern symbols, and I had an item card with both symbols (the small symbols in the card's corner), I thought I could play just that one card and remove the obstacle. It wasn't until I watched the designers' play-through video that I realized my mistake. A two-symbol obstacle requires (a minimum of) two item cards to remove.

Lesson learned: The big symbol on the card is the item when the card is in a player's hand of cards. Therefore, each card is only one item, even when it has two obstacle symbols.

The multi-use cards in this game are really clever, but for some reason they confused my poor, tired mind. Now that I know how the cards are supposed to work, the game is even harder to beat!
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I did the same thing when I played solo the first time, but I too was really tired and just wanted to crack it open. I knew the big symbols were the items when I read the rules, I just started playing incorrectly for some reason, then started over after a couple of rounds realizing my error.
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