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So what’s Sentinels Of The Multiverse then?

Well it’s a co-operative superhero card game where the players work together to defeat the bad guy in a location or environment.

Card game? So it is a deck building game or something?

Well no, it has pre-constructed decks that each superhero / villain and environment uses.

Ah so it’s more like Pandemic then?

Well not really no. Unless being co-operative and having cards makes it “like Pandemic” that is.

Ok… Sounds like it could get complicated.

It’s really not that complicated, sometimes there’s a lot of stuff to track but in the main it’s pretty straightforward really.

So Sentinels Of The Multiverse is published by Greater Than Games and is one of my favourite games that doesn’t get to the table often enough.

Number of Players – 2 to 5 although it can actually be played solo. I think it works best with 3 or 4 players but it can work with bigger and smaller groups.

Length of Game – 30 to 60 minutes which is about right depending on the combination of heroes, villains and environments.

Age 8+ – the mathematics in the game might be a challenge for those nearer 8, I’d err on 10+

As you’ll see from the pic there’s also a playmat available. You don’t get it with the core game but in reality you don’t need it. Want it maybe, but need it? Not so much. It is very pretty though!!!

In the core game you get 10 different heroes, 4 different villains and 4 different environments.

The heroes cover the broad church of your classic superheroes as do the villains, the environments are what makes Sentinels a wee bit different though.

In the core game (Revised Edition) boxed set you get these –

Insula Primalis – This is essentially “The Land Before Time” type of setting with dinosaurs a plenty (who will attack the heroes and the villain) and a pretty unstable (read lava) landscape.
Megalopolis – Giant metropolis with all the traits that come with that. The number of times a monorail crashes into the heroes is disturbing!
Ruins of Atlantis – Underwater realms with underwater beasties and KRAKENS!
Wagner Mars Base – Typical (and tough) sci-fi base on Mars. It’s a fairly tricky one.
So how does it work then?

Well, the rulebook is very good at explaining how to play but I’ll do the “in a nutshell” rules.

The game has a simple routine. Villain Turn, Player Turn and Environment Turn with each turn triggered in a specific way.

As you’ll see this is really quite simple. The use of Start and End work as keywords in the cards used in the game.

Here’s one of Baron Blade in his “Terralunar Impulsor Beam Inventor” guise. You’ll notice the use of the keywords in the card. Normally spelling doom for the heroes!

So the villain is automatically played following the rules above and following the triggers of the Start and End keywords.

The heroes then get their turn to react to what the villain’s done. As it’s a co-operative game and given that you’re all a superhero team it’s very much a game of working out combos between players and seeing what you can achieve as a team during the Hero turn.

Once all of the players have had their turn it’s time for the Environment to do something. Like throw a Monorail at you…

The game continues until either the Villain wins or the Heroes save the day!

It’s a great multi-player co-operative card game. I’ve heard of lot of people comment that there’s quite a lot of information to manage at times but if you find the “admin” a bit much then there’s an app for that – Sentinels Sidekick by Handelabra Games

Conclusion: Sentinels Of The Multiverse is a great game and has lots of expansions if you’re looking for different character types or locations, the gameplay is solid and as I’ve said above it’s one of my favourite games.

The review was originally posted on the End The Turn Podcast website -
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