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Subject: Have More Fun Playing Caylus rss

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Peter Putnam
United States
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I know they're are alot of people out there who have tried Caylus a few times and sort of like the game but at the same time they're fustrated by the game.

We'll KingPut is here to give you a few pointer on how to have more fun playing Caylus win or lose. Note: This is a reprint from my Caylus yahoo user group comments (but I think only 5 people actually read the stuff on the Caylus user group so I reprinting the good stuff here).

Question #1. Which Favor Track is the most Fun:

#1. The Building Track. There is two reasons the Building Track is
the most fun. I like games that the object of the game is making
the board more your color than the other players color. In the
Building track you get to build things after your second favor.
After each favor you get to make the board more your own color. The
second reason the building track is fun is that it is great to fun
to build a stone building, residence or prestige build before anyone
else can. I just wish I could watch there face when I've build my
2nd stone building and the other players are just building wood

#2. The money track. With the money track you can control the
Provost (see below Question #2 the most fun part of the Caylus).

#3. The Resource Track. Over the worst track. I only use this
maybe once a game when I really, really need a pink cube.

#4. The Point Track. A very powerful track but also very boring.

Question #2. The Most Fun Part of Caylus:

Probably the most fun (and frustrating) aspect of playing Caylus is
using the Merchant Guild and spending money to move the Provost.
There are some players who aggressively use the Provost either to
stop other players from getting goods are to help themselves get
goods. Then there are other players who almost never move the
Provost. I believe that if you read AlexFrog and others advise
about the exchange rate between money, goods and PP, you find that
there are time to pay to move the Provost and other times it doesn't
pay. I try to take a balanced approach to using the Merchant Guild
and spending money on moving the provost. I've broken it down into
time you Must spend the work or money to move the provost, times
that it's important to move the provost, times you could move the
provost and finally times you save your hard earned money.

Times You Must Move the Provost. It's best not to be in this
situation but sometimes it happens. You must get a favor and to get
a favor you need two blues that are right next to Provost. Or you
and another player are at the castle and you can the favor if you
can prevent him or her from getting two pink cubes. These are times
you must aggressively move the Provost.

Times that are important to move the Provost.
1. In baseball a pitcher like Roger Clemens will throw the ball high
and inside to brush back hitter. In Caylus sometime you have to use
the Merchant Guild to brush back greedy players. When one or more
players have put there workers at or beyond the Provost to grab up
goodies this is the time to take the Merchant Guild and move the
Provost back 3 spaces. Do this early in the game to let them know
you mean business.
2. When the other player is in a cash tight situation and your
sitting pretty with cash. In a 2 player game this is a key time to
use the Provost aggressively. I love watching another player having
to spend 2-3 dollars to move the Provost.

When shouldn't you Move the Provost:
1. Never over extend yourself. Don't spend to the last dollar and
have little or no money in the next round. Caylus is a moderately
long game. Sometime its better to give up the cubes this turn and
wait until next turn.
2. Don't pick on the players or player who are hopelessly behind.
I've done this by accident a couple of time and I felt bad the rest
of the game. A new player or somebody way behind was trying to
steal a few extract cubes near the Provost. I did my typical brush
back move to send a message to them to back off. Then the player
mentioned that I was 25 points a head and it was only their 4th game
of Caylus. Since then I watch the score and watch how player are
playing. Usually, I can tell the players I need to watch out for
and which ones to give a pass.

If you follow some of my advice you might actual win more often.
Have Fun Play more Caylus!!!
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Patrick Sullivan
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Great article! I agree 100%. When I first started playing, I concentrated almost entirely on the Prestige track and sometimes a bit of the money track. I won almost every game I played but it wasn't NEARLY as much fun as the few times I would delve into the Building track. That track is simply a blast to play because the Prestige Buildings are a great objective. Fun to strive for.

I played last weekend and focussed uniquely on the Money Track just for fun. I won the 4-player game but barely. I should have build the bank much earlier. But it was definately more fun than simply concentrating on the Prestige Track. But from now on, if it's not a seriously competitive game (which it never is), I believe I'll start to focus on the Building track and if I don't win, I don't care. It's more fun!
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