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Subject: Siege of Skytower: Make it MORE awesome! rss

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Fox Reinard
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A friend and myself, we plan to embark upon the glorious Heirs of Blood quest: Siege of Skytower. Four heroes, no holds barred, no cards left behind.

Neither of us are experienced enough with the entire game to know the best selection, but the entirety of 2nd edition Descent is at our disposal for it, thanks to a recently completed collection

So, how would you go about setting it up to give the heroes and the overlord a blast playing through this quest? Go in without XP at all, or 4xp/150g Advanced play? What would the best group of heroes be? What Open group monsters would be awesome for Belthir to help around the map?

This is less "think for me" and more about a thought experiment. What would your perfect Siege of Skytower setup be? There IS "think for me" involved but I'd really like to know how you would go at this.

Ideally we'll be working with Act I rather than the Act II epic start.
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I actually used this map to help teach the game, I think it's a great intro since most people coming into this game thinking of it more as a standard crawler and want to kill everything, which for the heroes, is exactly what you want to do.

I definitely recommend the 4xp advanced play, otherwise the heroes will feel like they can't do anything.

Conjurer is a great lockdown class with Illusory Path. Elder Mok/Bard is the standard OP hero he always is and can keep the conjurer up on Fatigue with the lower Understudy and Lute. I don't have much input for the last two, I can see another mage with blast to help with the spiders, there's some good reaction abilities like the Knight's guard that might be good to hold out here.

I forget the allowed monsters on this map since I don't have the book in front of me, so sorry if some of these ideas are invalid:
Kobolds: tuck the master just around the corners and send the minions in who can walk right through heroes figures if they try to body block.
RazorWings: they're weak, but the 5 movement plus fly helps to keep up the pressure

For the group by the switch:
Ettains: Big blockers, but the real bit is throwing to help disrupt, or even isolate a hero from the rest
Giants: Blockers again, stun and sweep helps.

Generally for this group, I'd for for something that can delay the heroes from reaching the switch fast, while still being enough of a threat/disruption to force the heroes to waste some attacks on them versus the open groups you care about.

Don't forget to utilize Alric, his Overpower will screw over the hero's positioning, and he's tanky enough to brawl for a round or two before running for the exit.

I don't have good suggestions for cards, besides obviously Dash.

I just listed what I think would be optimal, but for fun, just take whatever sounds like fun to you, and keep in mind your group because I know every time I have to face off of Kobolds as heroes, I groan internally

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Wim D
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When you play this in a campaign you have 1 XP for each hero (and the overlord), and you have up to about 200 gold for the whole party.
Played like this, it's pretty hard on the heroes, especially if they have a sub-optimal Hero group, or at least sub-optimal for this quest.

I think giving everyone 4 XP and 150 gold will give the Heroes too big an advantage, while giving them nothing will make them too weak.

Something in between would be perfect.

You could give the Heroes options, for example like this:
- The overlord and every Hero gets 2 XP and 0 gold. Xp cannot be shared of course.
- Each Hero has the option to sell 1 or 2 XP for 100 gold per XP. The gold can be shared of course.
- You can either allow the Heroes to see the shop cards before deciding how much of their XP they use, or you can force them to decide on the XP before seeing the shop cards.
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