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Subject: The Great Spanish Deception: Another Imperial nation bites the dust rss

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Steven Bensdorp
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Mar/Apr 1943
Axis win initiative, weather 7, 1, 8.

Germany sensing that the scales are tipping in the East goes on the defensive, retreating a bit and reinforcing its lines. Near Novgorod some ground is given back to the USSR but Leningrad remains surrounded. With no action in the East there is a spare Mech corps, naval bomber and Stuka which are send to Italy. Italy herself restores supply along the Italian coast and sink an allied convoy in the Eastern Med

Japan set's up for what seems to be an attack on the US in the Philippines and Port Moresby.


USSR happy with the defensive posture of the German army passes.
CW loses a fighter and bomber, and a french fighter, for absolutely 0 gains. Together with the US they send a big fleet to the Med with multiple carries and the captured Italian ships.

In the Pacific the US reinforces Guam with a division and send out their fleet to protect their convoy lines.

Not clear what Germany did this impulse but no notes means that it probably was not that impressive.
Italy gets a sunk on the Ranger but it only damages however they shoot down a few carrier planes as well. The New York is sunk and the Richmond damaged. Their only fleet is aborted but has no losses.

Japan curses at the rain and must settle with the capture of Port Moresby after a debate whether the US convoy gives supply to the port or not. The rules say no so the invasion succeeds automatically with a cav div. Saipan is reinforced with a marine div to prevent the US marine div on Guam from taking it when the war starts.

US is busy with their transports, an annoyed Führer asks if the endless stream of corpses ever dries out?

CW finds in the Med however the Italian anti air successfully shoot down their Beaufort. Churchill was not pleased, the failed ground strikes near Suez did not help either.


Germany, Italy and Japan all declare war on the Netherlands simultaneously. Amsterdam is captured by German forces and an Italian art. The Dutch get all the ships safely to England except the Van Oranje which is renamed the Bernhard, people following the Dutch monarchy will get it . Together with the Bismarck the Bernhard will hunt allied convoy lines to Murmanks successfully for the remainder of the war. It turned out that Petsamo is an excellent Naval base.

In the Pacific Batavia is captured without any trouble. In one impulse the Dutch are wiped of the map. Both the Allies and Germans had been considering declaring war on the Netherlands to improve their western front. It turned out that the Germans beat the CW to it just in time.

Unfortunately the turn did not end so the allies had the chance to sail the Dutch ships in Indonesia to Australia. But not before they successfully sink a Japanese cruiser and 2 oilers. The CW also bombs Dusseldorf for 2bp .

The USSR make their first attack after Stalin calls the retreat to an end. They score and !/1R in the South and excited officers are dreaming of Berlin, if they only knew...

May/June 1943

Allies finally win the initiative, weather 4, ?, 4, 10, 5.

With the coming of spring the western offensives of the Allies starts. Massive air and artillery strikes flip big portions of the German army in the west. Near Suez an Italian militia is killed but no ground gained.

The Luftwaffe succeeds in many air battles shooting down french fighters and clearing Rudel through when the CW attacks Liege. However the Wehrmacht fails, Liege falls despite Rudel, 12 went to 22 but a 9 rolled sees the city fall with 1/2 losses. Belgium has fallen. The French do not need their air support either and blitz through the German lines with an */1B.

The USSR sees the Western front crumble and the officers from last turn succeed once more. A 3-1 +1 blitz rolls an 11 which kills the Vlassov HQ and another corps, this was the only result which would have killed Vlassov and they kill him.

A very bad start of the 1943 campaign. One push and the Western front crumbles and at the same time the Eastern front loses an important HQ.


To restore morale I did the Pacific first. Japan attacks France in Indo-China. It is rain but how can a 7-1 assault go wrong, well it goes wrong if your roll a 1. So much for restoring morale. The city falls but at the cost of an inf corps. There is also an invasion in the minor port near the capital of Madagascar.

Germany fails to ground strike anything and the counter attacks which are so desperately needed cannot be made. Thus filling the gaps is the only thing that can be done. Von Leeb rails east and an Italian HQ takes his place in Greece. The Italian navy under German air cover fails to find.


Communists attack in China and finally the allied offensive fails. 2 division lost together with 1 national division who made an attack to prevent Japanese artillery support.

The US has seen the fall of Vladivostok, India, the Dutch East-Indies however if you touch the French you cross the line. A declaration of war is send to Tokyo which automatically succeeds. They successfully sink 5 convoys, 2 cruisers and abort 3 other convoys.

The USSR pressure the German lines in the North near Moscow, in the center and in the South. A 1-1 result in the north 1-0 in the center and 1-1 in the south. Certainly bloody for all sides however the Germans held the line.


With the USSR in a bad shape after their failed attack the Germans take a gamble. They attack a HQ and guard banner inf who had flipped and wipe them out. Now the main striking force of the USSR is flipped and OS in a big kessel near Stalingrad (how ironic). In the North near Kalini they also blitz the commies to the spiral. The Germany army is suddenly in an all out offensive in the East after being trashed at the start of this years campaign.

Italy is less fortunate and loses two planes in the Med while accomplishing nothing.

Japan captures Madagascar and sink the Dakota and Nashville together with two convoys.


USSR is looking for a way to save the trapped armor and guard banners. An successful blitz attack is made across the river threatening Rommel and a few flipped planes. However the kessel is not breached yet.

CW sends ships across the world which result in the Bismark sinking a convoy and the Sheffield while damaging the Revenge and a cruiser the damaged ships and remaining convoys abort.

In the Med things go better for the CW with the Impero damaged and a naval bomber shot down.


Italy passes. Japan is slightly more active and sinks 4 convoys and the Leander with a mini sub. The second port attack fails.

Germany annihilates the kessel with communists and brings fresh troops to the front where the USSR was still advancing. The Bernhard sees action and cleans the Norwegian coast from all allied ships.

USSR has seen the dreams of Berlin vaporize yet they attack and kill a German armor and militia. A welcome success after the debacle however it is to little to late.

The western front sees the french and american break out even further with an !/1R. Rotterdam is attacked but the city holds at the cost of a garrison.

Italy and Japan pass to end the turn.
Germany must move a few units to restore lines in both the East and West.

The turn did not end so they move troops to the front in France. Cyprus is liberated from the Italian division.

The West sees great successes for the Allies and I think it is safe to say that every hex they gained there will remain theirs. It will be only a matter of time before the first German cities will fall. Therefore it is crucial to keep the Northern part of the front stable while we prevent further breakthroughs in the South.

In the East there were many casualties on both sides including very important units however it seems that 1943 will be another year with the Germans on the offensive.

I did some BP counting and the Germans lost more than 60 bp's this turn. Such losses cannot be sustained for long, in fact there is already a lack of units and the Allies will be invading somewhere in the Med very soon opening another front.

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Midnight Reaper
United States
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Let Him Beware!
I am appreciating of the time and effort that goes into both playing the game and reporting about it here. I am very much enjoying reading about your game. I realize that as you are from the Netherlands it's entirely possible that English is not your first language, but I would like to point out two minor things, if you don't mind.

Stevenrd wrote:
US is busy with their transports, an annoyed Führer asks if the endless stream of corpses ever dries out?

Corpses is the plural of corpse, which is also known as a cadaver or a "dead body". The plural of corps is corps. I don't know when the American cadavers will dry out, but the endless stream of US Corps is something that he will have to learn to live with.

Also, in my experience the expression is either "... stream of corps ever runs out?" or "... stream of corps ever dry up?" "Dries out" is not how I am used to hearing that thought.


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