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Subject: The Great Spanish Deception 10: Collaps in the (Middle) East rss

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Steven Bensdorp
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Jul/Aug 1943

Axis win the initiative after a re-roll.
Weather: 8, 6, 2, 6

The re-roll was necessary since the previous turn had been full with hard fought advances for both sides. Going first would be a big advantage.

Unless you are Italy, they took a pass. Or Japan for that matter, Japan send out its fleet but failed to find anything.

Germany on the other hand ground strikes a few Russians near Stalingrad at the cost of a fighter. In the following battle the USSR sends out most of their planes which costs them 1 fighter and 3 bombers. That is more then what the USSR produces in planes. A big victory that will ensure air supremacy for the Axis in the east for this summer. The fight itself becomes and !/1R, killing a garrison and advancing towards Stalingrad.

In 1941 we stood at the gates of Stalingrad and we were repulsed this time the city will fall, or so the Germans hope.

USSR flip back units and prepare for a counter attack in the south. The French take an air impulse and try to bomb the Germans to oblivion. The air battles see 2 German fighters shot down and most bombers get through. The result is a major fail with only 1 single corps getting flipped whereas there were over 10 chances of hitting corpses.

CW and the US prepare for invasions in the Med, Sardinia is probably the target. In the pacific a Japanese carrier is sunk without any damage to the Allied forces.

Japan lands in Broome, a minor port in Australia where the Java was anchored, Java sinks. Broome will be the start of an Australian campaign. This is the third time that Japanese marines originally intended for the Philippines go on a different mission.

Italy and Germany rail units to Damascus, afraid of Allied landings cutting the rail road to the Suez front. In the east Germany attacks and scores a */2B which allows an advance towards the second oil field. Not that oil is a problem but taking it from the USSR is a good thing.


The fear of Axis commanders on the Suez front becomes a bitter reality. Allied marines land in Haifa and cut supply. However this was somewhat expected and a supply unit is situated in the theater to limit the disaster. At the same time Cagliagi falls to the Canadians. While the marines land in Haifa the Suez front itself sees the destruction of the Axis forces blocking the channel, thus reopening the Suez for the Allies.

On the Western front 3 attacks are made of which one succeeds in taking the hex, which is near the Swiss border. The breakthrough in the South keeps getting worse and worse. At the same time the USSR is busy filling holes so at least there is some good news.

Japan is greedy and tries to drive the Chinese out of the mountains in Burma which results in the loss of a para in exchange for the Kunming militia, bad trade.

Italy tries to move troops from the Suez kessel but it is not getting any better no matter what they try. The Germans use the supply unit to move troops out of the kessel, in the end 1 wp inf corps will make it to the safety of Damascus. A new line will be created there which must hold the Allies, the railroad to Baghdad is essential for the oil and this is the last line of defense.

On the Western front the Germans make one of their rare counterattacks. They succeed in taking back a hex but it costs them, 1/R. In the East things go better, */2B near the oil fields which causes them to fall. And near Stalingrad itself a */B sees the removal of the last USSR armor corps on the southern part of the front. If winter does not start soon Stalingrad is doomed.

The USSR retreats to the Asian map and makes one last line before Baku. Tiflis however is still a threat for the Axis supply line. China does the same near Rangoon, falling back there to strengthen the line on the India/Burma border.

The US and CW slaughter most remaining Axis units near Suez, including an Italian and Turkish HQ. The front line has not just collapsed it simply disappeared. On Sardinia the resource is captured. The Western front has most planes and units flipped so no further attacks there.

Japan captures Wewak and Lae which means that Papua has been conquered, a massive victory for the Empire. No annoying planes from those ports cutting supply to Rabaul and Truk. In the Burmese mountains the Japanese outflank the Chinese and establish a frail line to Rangoon by land.

After counting resources, factories and convoys it becomes clear that there is room to send 3 Indian resources to Italy, the Persian oil was already flowing that way and now 3 convoys set sail from Japan to make it happen. Holding the railroad in Syria becomes more important every turn.

Side note Japan has been producing with 21 factories for a long time now, more than 30 oil is stored in Japan as well. So even if the convoy lines collapse it will still be possible to produce for one full turn.

Germany attacks to gain another hex on Stalingrad and defeat a wp garrison. The turn ends on a 1 saving the city from capture. However this also means that there will be time to send reinforcements to Damascus which are badly needed there.

This turns reinforcements include the first V-1. I always enjoy using those even though their effect is limited, this time I had to build them ahead since I was not sure whether or not I could use them if they did not arrive soon. Moscow/Leningrad or Metz are the likely candidates for the new Wunderwaffe of the German army.

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