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Subject: Kandahar - a few rule clarifications? rss

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Enjoying the game, but I've hit a few questions while trying to prepare a homemade player aid (which I'll eventually post).

1. I'm confused about the "minus" terrain chart. Example: Moving through a Clear hex costs "1." But moving through a Crops hex is "-1." How is that functionally different? Does this mean, effectively, that moving through a Crops hex takes 2 movement points?

2. During the Mission Objective Placement Phase, when you can buy weapons and equipment, can you also buy new Team, Commanders, Officers, and Bases?

3. When a Team moves through a hex with dropped equipment, can they pick it up without stopping in the hex?

4. The rules suggest you check for noises detection anytime a Team moves or fires. Really? So in some cases, this would happen: I move / check noise / shoot at adjacent enemy / check noise because I shot. That's a total possible of 12 enemy units that could appear basically simultaneously. Is this correct?

5. Rules state that an enemy will not head toward a Base Camp, but if they accidentally are placed in one or cross one on their way to a Team, the Base Camp, and everything in it, is eliminated. However, 9.3 suggests that a Team inside the base camp can fight. So which is it?

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Just playing my first game and I also have few questions and it is a pity that yours (and some others) have not been answered. I will try to give you my point of view on some of your questions.

1. As of 10.7 "When any game piece enters a hex, it must expend (deduct) an allotment of its movement value as indicated by the terrain chart printed on the map" this rule is not clear as on the chart the Clear terrain has a value of "0" and Crop a value of "-1". I am playing such that that moving into a Crop costs 2 movement points.

2. Yes, I think so. See also indirect explanation about plus type movement game pieces on 10.4 -> "However, if any enemy unit becomes ...bla bla...(though may be repurchased during a later Mission Objective Placement Phase, normally)." and Commander and Officers are plus type game pieces. See also 12.10 -> "If all base camps have been eliminated...bla...the player is always eligible to purchase one extra base camp game piece during the Mission objective Placement Phase of a game turn..."

3. I do not know the answer (yet)

4. Yes this is correct as I understand that the sequence should be:
-You move your SFs
-You perform Attacks (you are the attacker)and Enemy Units may appear due Combat Noise
-Then you run the Noise Check due to the fact you moved your SFs

5. A Base Camp with no SF on it is destroyed but a Base Camp with a SF on it may be defended by the SF.

And now my questions...with my House Rules in round squares

1. May land transport units like D.P.V. move on their own and attack enemy units? Yes -> see question #2 for House Rules about Noise.

2. Officers and Commanders may move on their own but may they also attack enemy units? (YES) Is in such a case noise produced? (YES, enemy units are placed on the game with the unit scatter mechanism and if any SF is detected already they move toward it, otherwise they move toward the Officers/Commander which will become the detected unit until a SF is also detected.)

3. When new Items/Objects/Officers and Commanders are purchased, are they placed in the Camp (YES) or with the SF (NO)?

I am sure more questions will follow...
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