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Episode 86 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Thursday, November 24th (since Monday, November 21st).

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Alright, The First Roll is a little later than expected, I got sidetracked yesterday with making some music. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my Baby Brother turning 26 today.

So yeah, Eeehm… The new games on Kickstarter since Monday!


Dystopian World:
Spartan Games is bringing an exciting expansion to the stunning tabletop world of Dystopian Wars. The campaign is all about what players have requested from Spartan so it incorporates a two player starter set and a fully revised Version 2.5 Rulebook. Battle in the Air, the Sea and on Land with Dystopian World. Combination pledges so check it out for yourself.
Ends 12-21

Fusion Bases:
Next, the Fusion Bases by Wamp. It’s a new concept that will allow you to create display quality bases in no time! Pick a floor, Add a Wall and a plinth and there you go! There’s a lot of different settings and themes available so check out if there’s something for you!
Ends 12-05

The Great Old Ones II:
Rykar Jove is bringing his third miniatures campaign and this one is called the Great Old Ones II. The second part of of his tribute to lovecraftian horror with all kinds of big evil monsters and a model of the popular writer himself. PLedges start at 10 EUR for the Lovecraft figure and 27 for the big evil ones!
Ends 01-02

And the final miniature project is Konungar by GT Studio creations. Konungar is a scary looking Orc available in two sizes: 60mm scale and a whopping 1/10 scale, which results in a creature over 24cm high. The small one is 25 EUR and the huge one is 190 and includes the smaller one for free!
Ends 12-23


Ether Wars:
Boardgames! First up, Ether Wars. A game that I tremendously enjoyed playing while at Essen this year! It’s a dice game of worker placement, resource management, and area control with asymmetric powers. Try controlling the area that holds the resources you need, but be aware that you might need to fight for it. There will be an interview with Burning Games online soon so check that out as well! Ether Wars is 39 EUR.
Ends 12-22

Arcade Tycoon:
Next, Arcade Tycoon! A mini family board game for 2 to 4 players. Play, place & manage games around the video arcade to earn big money and become a Tycoon! Dash around the exciting arcade stocked full of video games, pinball and even the dreaded claw machine! Arcade Tycoon is 5 GBP for a PNP and 40 for a physical copy.
Ends 12-21

Vast - The Crystal Caverns
Vast - The Crystal Caverns is getting a second print run! The Kickstarted game takes you and your friends into the torchlight of a classic cave-crawling adventure, built on the concept of total asymmetry. Gone are days of the merry band of travelers fighting off evil. In Vast, you will become part of a new legend... Any part you wish! There’s pledges for players that want to upgrade as well, but the base game will cost you 60 USD or 85 if you want the new set of miniatures as well!
Ends 12-19

Some other boardgames:

Inquistor is a fun little game in which you, the villagers, are sistematically interrogated by the inquisitor until he feels he has succesfully eradicated every witchcraft practitioner around, which usually ends up with almost everybody burnt at the stake. It’s 10 EUR
Ends 12-21

'Illuminatus' is a conspiracy-themed, satirical strategy board game that is set in the modern world. 2-6 adults each take on the role as a member of the illuminati, the legendary and mysterious organisation made up of old, powerful families and secretive factions. Illuminatus is 75 AUD.
Ends 12-19

Hunting Sasquatch:
Hunting Sasquatch is being relaunched. In this fast paced, family friendly game, roll dice and avoid legends to locate proof of the existence of Sasquatch! Do you Believe? Hunting Sasquatch is 25 USD.
Ends 12-30

Card Games:

Moving over to card games. ITB Board games is bringing a card game called Quickdraw. A spaghetti-Western modular microgame for 2 or more players. Eye up your opponents in one of a range of exciting game modes. Flashback to your character past adventures. Find out how you got into this standoff. Ready your weapon. Stare the enemy down. Pull the trigger. Pew! Pew! Pew! Quickdraw is 3 GBP for a PNP of the first two characters and either 8, 14 or 20 depending on how many of the different characters you want.
Ends 12-16

Grim Reaper - Hippopotamus:
Next, Grim Reaper - Hippopotamus. It’s A Micro player elimination game about what happens when your time is up in the animal kingdom. A light, russian roulette style card game where the object is to be the last player alive. It’s 4 USD for a PNP and 8 for a physical copy.
Ends 12-21

Soccardo, the soccer game for everyone (and I’m not going on a ‘It’s called football rant’) It’s like a cross of Football Manager, Fantasy Football, Top Trumps & Chess. Go one on one against your opponents and prove who's best. Soccardo is 5 USD for a PNP and 18 for the physical game.
Ends 12-24

Imminent Crisis:
And the final card game is Imminent Crisis. It’s a redesign and reimagining of the original Social Pop Culture Tabletop Adventure by West Aries Games; Crisis Averted. A Social/Party game that is almost a combination of UNO and Apples to Apples that can be best described as a role-playing multiplayer party card game where imagination and knowledge is pivotal to winning. Imminent Crisis is 21 USD.
Ends 12-14

And to finish of the show, here are the Role Playing Games presented to to you by Dark Naga Adventures. Check them out at or on Dark Naga Adventures - Awesome is in our DNA!

Role Playing Games:

The Crossing:
First: The Crossing. The third book in the Return of the Fey adventure path. A fourth level Pathfinder RPG Compatible Adventure which Continues your characters' Return of the Fey adventure path with over one hundred pages of encounters, locales and terrifying monsters. Figure out why Merchant vessels have been disappearing on the river west of Ferryport in this Pathfinder adventure.
Ends 12-22

The Sword of the Bastard Elf:
The sword of the Bastard Elf is a completely unhinged fantasy adventure gamebook. Find the Bastard Elf a place to crash using two dice and your two rock-hard fists! A single player RPG adventure played with a pencil, some paper and a couple of regular six-sided dice. The sword of the Bastard Elf pledges started at only 5 GBP.
Ends 12-13

Dungeon Crawl Classics - Scratch Off Holiday Module:
And the final project of the day is the Dungeon Crawl Classics Scratch-Off Holiday Module. A holiday-themed DCC adventure that includes scratch-off character sheets, which is basically the perfect description so I ain’t touching it. It’s 7 USD for a PDF (without the scratching thing of course) and Print copies start at 15.
Ends 12-05
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