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Be sure to check out my previous AARs!

Before we begin, from my past session of playing TAL, Targets 10 & 56 in the HLCAO are no longer a factor. This is due to the HL-TAL Linked Campaign rules involving their equivalent TAL Battalions being destroyed by TAL Aircraft." rel="nofollow">

And also, DVG is gonna bring in Operation Opera for IAFL! Please back the KS now, boys and girls!

Prelude to Day 03
-Recorded Phone Call between Egyptian President Amjad al-Jabal and Bashar al-Assad-

Assad: Nam fielaan (Yes), this is Bashar al-Assad.

Jabal: Assad, you simpleton - We are beginning faltering against the American Navy rocs and their Rapid-Deployment Force. You said your army and air force were more than prepared for any intervention they could send against us.

Assad: That is beyond my explaining, Jabal! But I still have a few resources in the form of some Russian mercenaries...

Jabal: Good, perhaps you should let them do the talking.

Assad: Yes, President - I'll give them their assignments effective immediately.

-Recorded Communication between Captain Risely Sheridan of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and Colonel Richard Cutler-

Captain Sheridan: Colonel, I heard about what happened today. You split your Aircraft in pairs to destroy three battalions worth of enemy troops. I've known you to take risks, but that's more than enough to consider you a daredevil, Cutler.

Colonel Cutler: I didn't have much of a choice, Captain. What matters is, we've put the hurt on the enemy troops. I'm planning to get rid of two battalions that are in our friendly transit in the morning - What's your plan, Captain?

Capt. Sheridan: I'll be looking over the recent recon photos until we've got a good idea of what we'll hit next. Now get some sleep, "Daredevil" Cutler, tomorrow may turn out to be the turning point for my Pilots.

Col. Cutler: Aye-aye, Sailor. I'll see you in the morning.

Day 03, Primary Mission - Target #13: Enemy Tanks
October 15th, 2001
Sheridan decided that both the Egyptian Tank Battalion and a Petrol-Oil-Lubricant Storage Facility in Northern Egypt would have to go. Like "Daredevil" Cutler, Sheridan and CAG decided that emulating his style would make the difference between Victory and Defeat.

-Beginning of Mission-

-Determine and Place Sites-
Center Area: 1x Sa-15, 1x S-60, 1x Infantry
North Approach: Infantry
East Approach: Sa-7
South Approach: Sa-8a
West Approach: 1x KS-19

Starting SOs: 42

Order of Battle
2x F/A-18 Hornet (Griffin [Veteran], Panther [Skilled)
Equipment (Both): 3x AGM-65, 1x ECM Pod
1x F-14 Tomcat (Bison [Average])
Equipment: 2x AIM-9, 2x AIM-7, 3x AIM-54
Bison has 1 Situational Awareness Point
1x EA-6B Prowler (Crunch [Green])
Equipment: 4x AGM-88
Crunch has 1 Situational Awareness Point
1x E-2C Hawkeye (Brick [Average])

SOs Used: 3 [4 Free SOs]

Remaining SOs: 42

-Target Bound Event-
Smart Weapon Restock
Kind of useless considering I didn't pay that many SOs with 4 Free SOs at the start of each Day, but no matter.

-Determine and Place Bandits-

Center Area: 1x MiG-21 Fishbed
North Approach: None
East Approach: None
South Approach: None
West Approach: 1x MiG-25 Foxbat

-Intel Air Defense Adjustment-
Center Area: 1x Mirage III

-Over the Target Event-
Clear Skies

-Phoenix Missile Attacks-
Bison: 3x Hit [1x MiG-21 Destroyed, 1x MiG-25 Destroyed, 1x Mirage III] (Bison is our ATA MVP in this Campaign thus far!)

-Over the Target-
-Turn 1-

Crunch: AGM-88 fired at Sa-15 in the Center Area [Sa-15 Destroyed] (I gotta give him something to do!)

Griffin and Panther approach the Center Area from the Northwest

-Turn 2-

Griffin: 3x AGM-65 fired at Target [5x Hits Inflicted]

Panther: 3x AGM-65 fired at Target [1x Hit Inflicted] (This is going to cost me!)

Griffin and Panther circumvent the KS-19 by moving to the North Approach by Northeast.

-Turn 3-

Griffin and Panther reach the Center Area and descend to Low Altitude.

-Turn 4-

Fast Pilots Attack

Griffin: Attacks with Cannon [1x Hit] (YES!)

Panther: Attacks with Cannon [Missed]

Sites Attack

Infantry Targets Panther [ECM Roll: FAILED]

Panther Goes Evasive [Result: Infantry Attack has no Effect]

S-60 Targets Panther [ECM Roll: SUCCESS]

Slow Pilots Attack

Griffin Uses Situation Awareness

Griffin: Attacks with Cannon [Missed]

-Turn 5- [It's down to the wire at this point!]

Fast Pilots Attack

Griffin: Attacks with Cannon [Missed]

Panther: Attacks with Cannon [1x Hit] (Bullseye! That was a close one!)


-Homebound Event-
Long-Range Threat!

Bison shot down two of the Syrian Interceptors, but one got off a shot at Brick that was jammed by Crunch's EA-6B.

-End Results-

Victory Points Obtained: 3 [+1 to flying -1 Aircraft]

Tracks Affected
Recon: 2
Intel: 1

Griffin: 3
Crunch: 6
Panther: 6 (SHAKEN)
Bison: 6 (SHAKEN)
Brick: 8 (SHAKEN)

Crunch: 3
Griffin: 5
Panther: 5
Bison: 7 [Promoted to Skilled!]
Brick: 8 [Promoted to Skilled!]

CAG's Comments

That looked like a tough fight, but there was no question you boys would come out on top. That will mean one less Tank Force for the IDF and Daredevil Cutler's boys to deal with.

Intercepted Enemy Transmission
An Egyptian Commander is very angry.

Executive Officer's Comment on Transmission
Now it's the Egyptians' turn to be hunting heads after that disaster.

Day 03, Secondary Mission - Target #05: POL Storage Facility
This facility will constantly produce POL until it's been destroyed. And this time, the Roosevelt's CAG decided to go for a full complement plus an E-2 to make all the difference.

-Beginning of Mission-

-Determine and Place Sites-
Center Area: 1x ZSU-23-4, 1x Infantry
North Approach: 1x S-60
East Approach: 1x Infantry
South Approach: 1x Sa-11 [Oh no!]
West Approach: 1x Sa-10 [This is bad!]

Order of Battle
3x F/A-18 (Bear [Average], Talon [Average], Wedge [Green])
Bear's Equipment: 2x AGM-88, 1x GBU-10, 1x Mk. 84
Bear has 1 Situational Awareness Point
Talon's Equipment: 1x GBU-10, 1x Mk. 83, Mk. 84
Wedge's Equipment: 2x AGM-88, 2x AIM-120, 2x AIM-7, 2x AIM-9
Wedge has 1 Situational Awareness Point
E-2C Hawkeye (Eyes [Average])

SOs Used: 8 [1 Free SO]

SOs Remaining: 35

-Target Bound Event-
Pre-Strike [ZSU-23-4 Destroyed]

-Determine and Place Bandits-

-Intel Air Defense Adjustment-
No Change [YES!]

-Over the Target Event-
Rack Time

Wedge moves to the South Pre-Approach Area

-Over the Target-
-Turn 1-

Fast Pilots Attack

Bear uses Situational Awareness

Bear: 2x AGM-88 fired at Sa-10 in West Approach [Sa-10 Destroyed]

Wedge uses Situational Awareness

Wedge: 2x AGM-88 fired at Sa-11 in South Approach [Sa-11 Destroyed]

It's a smooth sailing now to the Target, so all three Hornets approach the Center Area.

-Turns 2 to 3-

All three Hornets reach the Center Area, Wedge descends to Low Altitude while Bear and Talon prepare to strike with their GBU-10s.

-Turn 4-

Fast Pilots Attack

Bear Uses Situational Awareness

Bear: 1x GBU-10 dropped on Target [4x Hits Inflicted]

Wedge Uses Situational Awareness

Wedge: Attacks with Cannon [Missed]

-Sites Attack-

Infantry Targets Wedge

Wedge goes Evasive [Result: Infantry Attack had No Effect]

Slow Pilots Attack

Talon: 1x GBU-10 dropped on Target [4x Hits Inflicted](Alright!!)

Wedge: Attacks with Cannon [Missed]

Bear and Talon descend to Low Altitude, readying their Iron Bombs.

-Turn 5-

Fast Pilots Attack

Bear Uses Situational Awareness

Bear: 1x Mk. 84 dropped on Target [3x Hits Inflicted]


-Homebound Event-
AAA Vehicles!
Talon bombs that mobile AAA, saving us much grief.

-End Result-

Victory Points Obtained: 1

Tracks Affected
Recon: 1
Infra: 1

Pilot Stress
Wedge: 2

Wedge: 2
Talon: 2
Bear: 2
Eyes: 6 [Promoted to Skilled!]

-Promotion Ceremony: Bison, Eyes, and Brick-
CAG: Lieutenants Tyrone "Bison" Dillard, Vincent "Eyes" Lynch and Pete "Brick" Wixel... Despite overwhelming odds and stressful situations, all of you did spectacular work today. All of you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Your actions are honorable credit to the United States Navy.

CAG's Comments

Less oil means fewer casualties for the IDF and the RDF's troops, Pilots! All of you did splendid work burning that POL Storage Facility to the ground.

Intercepted Transmission
An Egyptian Commander is confused over what happened to their forces.

Executive Officer's Comment on Transmission
The bad guys didn't even know what hit them... Their troops will face severe fuel shortages at this rate.
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