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Subject: Battlestar inspired game mechanic: the insidious player rss

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Drew Dock
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Funny thing I was thinking about which games I've played or own in which the Others reminds me about and the one that sprung to mind was Battlestar Gal. This got me to thinking could the sin player be hidden amongst the players to make the game more insidious. Each person are given an agenda card which states fully corrupt (fighting for sin) half corrupt (could fall either way) not corrupt (fight against sin). I'm just throwing an idea out there in regards to a way of making The game a bit different and to give players a way of potentially making it co-op at least for a time.

The cards would have secret agenda to achieve dependent on the current sin
Be it convincing Heroes to die in blaze of glory, to forgo heroes from tooling up or to tool up etc etc. And these then give you a bonus eg extra cards, an extra summon, advancement along apoc track etc.

To implement this until a sins player is revealed (which they can do at any time or if called out by the active player performing a sin eater ritual at the starting location. (An Action that can be performed after/ before moving)

the player chosen in the ritual reveals his card and if they are fully corrupt the hero sheet passes to another player (remove all corruption) and the fallen player takes on the full mantle of sin.
*If they are half corrupt then check current corruption lvl above half they become the sin player, their hero dies and become a sin monster 5/5 equipment follows norm rules for dead heroes and the players get a new hero. *If they are half corrupt and they have less then half corruption remove all corruption from that hero and no further effect.
{ Once sin revealed no further sin eater rituals can be performed. }

To play without a sin player for X turns can be achieved by passing a sin chit anti clockwise around the players bypassing the active player in this regards. this player must follow rules on placing the monsters and resolving any fights, reactions etc.

I know this jury-rig of ideas leaves gaps with regards to cards and such but it could be expanded upon by others with an AI framework until a sin player takes the mantle. But it's just away of expanding game play options for guys who are interested.
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