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Subject: Standalone 2 Hero Quest #6: Attack on Titan rss

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Attack on Titan
This was actually the second quest I brainstormed to make, but it has had a very rocky journey towards its creation. I really wanted to make the Abomination that represents the Colossal Titan feel like it is constantly "looming" over you ready to crush you at any moment, as that is the feeling I get from the anime/manga that inspired this. However, the extra black die added by the Abomination that could potentially dish out 4 damage was quite overwhelming. The awkward spawning of the Abomination after the first round is a compromise between the "looming" feel I desire from this quest, spawning the Abomination early enough so you can start dealing damage to it when you desire to do so, and not spawning it unnecessarily early to add too much extra damage to the heroes.

The upgrading of actions for exploring originally was just to increase the incentive of not just staying in one location the entire game, but I actually really like the progression and if I ever think of another quest idea to combine it with (the lack of expansions is really making it harder and harder to come up with new ideas) I may very well use it again.

Flavor-wise I wanted Ancient Redoubt and Orc Battlements to be the locations, but the former defeated the point of the special rules, and the latter was deemed to be too difficult. I also needed to ensure there were ways to spawn enemies to keep the players from getting stuck in case the players accidentally defeated everything and had no way to get the Abomination to “Engaged Slot 2” to take advantage of the resilience debuff.

Like with most of my quests I see no reason this can’t be played with more than 2, although I have only playtested it with 2.

Heroes: Waywatcher (as Mikasa) and Ironbreaker (as Eren)

Enemies: Shuffle Gutter Runner, Orc Boy, Skeletal Horde, Ghouls, Goblin Warriors, 4 standard level 1 enemies, and 2 elite level 1 enemies together. Place The Abomination (as a colossal titan) in the nemesis lair. It spawns through peril effects.
Locations: Shuffle Sewer System, Treasure Vault, and Winding Tunnels together, and place them on top of Grump’s Sump.
Gear and Dungeon Deck: Shuffle 12 open gear cards together. Shuffle 12 open dungeon cards together.

Five years ago the outer Wall Rose that protects humanity fell to the titans. Helpless to stave off the titan onrush, the mayor ordered a retreat into inner Wall Maria, but thousands of civilians were massacred in the ensuing retreat. For a while the titans were content with their destruction, but now the Colossal Titan leads its brethren once again to storm Maria to satiate its craving for human flesh.

Special Rules: Keep the monsters you are engaged with in order, with the leftmost being “Engaged Slot 1”, the middle being “Engaged Slot 2”, and the rightmost “Engaged Slot 3”. You may not rearrange enemies to different engaged slots at will. Whenever an enemy unengages with you, all enemies in higher engagement slots shift over (so if you unengage an enemy in Engaged Slot 1, the enemy in Engaged Slot 2 moves to 1, and 3 moves to 2). Whenever you engage an enemy, place it in your lowest numbered unoccupied Engaged Slot. If you engage with multiple enemies simultaneously, you choose the order. The Abomination’s resilience is 0 while in Engaged Slot 2.

Exploration represents the progress of the scouting legion in discovering the secrets of the titans. Whenever a location is fully explored, the Abomination suffers 4 wounds, and all heroes may upgrade one of their action cards.

Peril Track: Starting spaceGreenBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue - Red
Peril Track Effects:
Green: “You’ve controlled the bloodshed for now, and the titans, sensing the threat you pose, back off warily. That is, until a giant shadow looms over you…” Spawn the Abomination face up in the shadows.
Blue: “The Colossal Titan that breached the wall shows an abnormal cunning, pivoting swiftly to avoid your attempt to get a clean strike!” The Abomination swaps places with the enemy in Engaged Slot 1 of the party leader, if any. This counts as engaging a hero if The Abomination was not previously engaged with the party leader.
Red: “You flee into an abandoned building to try to get a brief respite from the onrush of titans, but as you make your escape The Colossal spots you and hurls boulders at your back.” Each party member receives wounds equal to twice the number of their unoccupied engaged slots.

Victory Condition: If The Abomination is defeated, resolve "Reward".
Reward: As your blade plunges into the nape of the Colossal’s neck, it gives off an earthshattering scream that shakes Wall Maria itself. The other titans lose heart after hearing the anguish of their master and beat a hasty retreat, but as the Colossal flees itself it turns to gaze at you, a gaze with an uncanny intelligence in its eye that speaks “I will be back”.
Loss Condition: If all heroes are defeated, resolve "Penalty".
Penalty: With a sickening crunch Wall Maria gives way to the hordes of titans. The defenseless inner town is stained red by the onslaught, as the cage of humanity constricts to choke its inhabitants once again.
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Kin Hassar
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And here are the corresponding cards.

I will update the pdf file accordingly
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