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Subject: balanced "mastermind player" mode for 2 people? rss

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bri beleren
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ill be posting this on both the secret wars page, where it really belongs, and the normal marvel legendary page as well, to hopefully get some more answers and traffic...

My situation is basically that about the only person I game with is my partner, and for whatever reason, they haven't grown very fond of the game, lots of personality flaws contribute to that, impatience, etc. though in my opinion, if I happen to be playing spiderman and my turn maybe takes 3 minutes to draw everything in my deck and help us win, that shouldn't be a problem, but alas, even after house ruling to not count points, it seems that basically it boils down to not just losing in the game, but also not getting to be the one in the spotlight, taking down the mastermind, blah blah, might be a lost cause either way, but I have now started looking into the mastermind player mode...

It clearly sounds as though it was intended for at least 3 people, 1 to play the mastermind and at least 2 others for heroic players, however I still proceeded to playtest it with 2 players, 1 playing the mastermind player and the other playing the good, I tested the easiest setup I could find, really simple scheme with red skull as the mastermind, with the deck counts set up as the advanced solo rules suggest, and it worked pretty ok, the good player one but it was close as it should be, however upon making a more difficult setup, a harder scheme with moleman as the mastermind, the good player was defeated pretty badly and they were even using an ultimate spiderman and symbiote spiderman setup, which in my opinion is one of the strongest deck combos... so I am convinced now that just playing mastermind player with the other following solo rules, cannot work in a balanced way, so thus as to why I am here...

Basically I want to make this work, and create a balanced system for a setup that pitches an evil player against a good player, 1V1 , I will be playtesting many slight changes to do such a thing myself, but was hoping for other suggestions, or any feedback as to what I'm going to list and try, or even being directed to any forums where people have done similar modes or systems for 2 players that work out to be fun, I know the core of the problem is my gaming companion, legendary is a co op game mostly, and needing to be greedy and try to be the only person to play good decks and outshine the other player, is clearly not a good way to be, but its not looking like I can fix that problem, so onwards to the thought process of what is unbalanced...

It just seems to put way too much pressure on the good player, game seems to end too fast, typical villain deck count would be 5 strikes - 8 twists - 3 henchmen - 8 villains - 1 bystander, giving the good player only 20 turns to beat the scheme since the strikes instantly draw another card, but then with the mastermind player using effects often to play more scheme twists or more cards from the villain deck, and the possibility that villain effects might also play more cards, its much more like 12-15 turns and considering almost no matter what characters you are playing, fighting the mastermind is normally going to be impossible for at least 6 turns, it just seems to make things way too tight for the good player and in most situations impossible, so onwards to the thoughts of solutions I shall be playtesting...

*-Using the same rules for solo setup except the masterstrike rule, meaning strikes wouldn't play another card from the villain deck, increasing the max number of turns to 25 rather than 20, would be debatable to also remove the scheme twist rule, but since that is mostly favorable to the good player, likely wouldn't hurt to keep it in, since they have enough disadvantages as is
*-A simple increase of the henchmen, using the full stack of 10, rather than the 3 in solo setup, this would make the villain deck have more favorable good player effects, as well as add 7 turns effectively
*-If the above method doesn't balance things, especially in medium+ difficulty schemes/masterminds, then I may try having the villain deck be setup ignoring solo rules and instead use the 2 player setup rules of 16 villains - 8 twists - 5 strikes - 10 henchmen - 2 bystanders - effectively giving 41 turns to the good player, would have to be tested if the hero deck should still only contain 3 heroes, and/or if we'd use the solo rules for schemes and master strikes.
*-Several other small fixes could be done such as increasing the number of bystanders, also perhaps limiting the mastermind player to only being able to purchase 1 ambition card per turn, certain combo decks can lead to some nasty 15+ attack turns, leading for a huge flood of villain deck cards
*-I might be missing some ideas, but those are all I have except for the clear possibility of setting the game up for more than one player and just have the good side player play all of the good players in a co op gesture, would likely try a setup for 2, maybe 3 players

well there you have it, I shall comment things that I figure out, and likely eventually take this down and post an actual made variant once I get it nailed down, however also if someone has beat me to it, feel free to comment the links to such threads, thanks :3
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