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Subject: Solo Military bot AI (Work in progress. rss

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Marco Teti
United States
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Hello all.

I've recently delved into this game and Although the Solitaire capabilities out of the box is nice, I was thinking of adding a solitaire variant that is capable of impeding some of your progress. Please know that this is still a work in progress.

I wanted to create an AI that some aggressiveness like a human player in impeding some of your progress or Go on an all out military strat. This could be close that type of scenario.

Set up as a normal 2 player game with normal bandit set-up 2 per player plus 2 more.

have available a bag or cup to put 1 set of the 5 color dice

Set up 2 boards the AI will use their own dice.

Player starts and you proceed as you normally would with your starting strats etc.

As the AI player he will go for military buildings if possible as well as 3 fight strength based on certain parameters.

- if has the resources, he will go after military buildings. In the first few rounds, manipulate the dice so he get's iron and build the Regular Army cards.

Note: When placing these cards, Take a die out of the bag or cup you set aside earlier and roll it. The color and # is where you place the card. If there is military card already there go to the next available spot.

- After a few rounds he will make every effort to get attack points. Again manipulate the dice to where he at least has 3 attack available to him. If not, Provide opportunity to get resources and build Regular Army

- If/When he has enough attack points, if a player has resources in stock, then take resources according to the rules. Otherwise, Take one of the dice in the bag/cup and roll them if any of them match one of you buildings, Take appropriate measure in disabling the building and gaining the VP according to the rules. If none of these happen grab a bandit card with the 3 defense on it.

Note: If he has a good amount of Attack points and none of the first two things occur, the AI goes for the most VP bandit pile.

(Example the AI has 8 attack points. The player has no resources in it. The die he roles isn't a successful hit. He then goes for the 5 defense bandit and 3 defense bandit.)

If the attack on your city is successful, then he tries again. Keep in mind if he does role a die and hits one of your city cards he must have enough attack to penetrate your defenses. (Another example - the AI has six attack and is able to hit the mint which has 5 defense. He disables the mint and takes the VPs based on the cards Vp cost. He has 1 attack left so he can't do anything further.

- The AI can go after military buildings in the 'Market place' That is the first thing he will focus on if he has the resources to do so. If not buy the Regular Army card. When you take from the marketplace, draw and place the cards as you normally would do in a 2 player game.

Game ends when all Bandits are taken or 3 rows of the AI board is filled with cards.

Tally the score. You must beat the AIs total VPs.

Well first attempt. Perhaps in the future I will try and make an AI focused on more economic aspect and then a more balanced one. You can then choose which of the 3 you will go up against and roll a die accordingly. 1-2 for economic, 3-4 balanced and 5-6 military or something like that.

Thoughts would be appreciated.
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ben holley
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Re: Solo Military bot AI (Work in progress)
My first thought while reading this was that it was very vague and required the player to do to much thinking about what is in the best interest of the AI. So I would like to try to revise it to remove some thinking the player has to do while keeping in the spirit of the original intent. More critiques are welcome.

Set up is the same as the standard two player game.

When resolving dice:
If a die lands on a resource, or military card then the AI will resolve the die with the cards ability.
If there are no deactivated buildings then the AI will resolve cultural cards and pass on civic cards.
If there are any deactivated buildings and a die lands on a civic or cultural card then the AI chooses with a 50% probability what to do.
Die that landed on civic cards are resolved before die that landed on cultural cards.
For resolving civic cards the AI will either reactivate a deactivated building or pass.
For resolving culture cards the AI will either reactivate a deactivated building or resolve the cards ability.
If there is more than one deactivated building, then the AI reactivates the military buildings first and then choose with equal probability among the remaining deactivated buildings.

Using pass tokens:
If using the pass tokens would allow the AI to either take an attack action or take an additional attack action then they are used to increase his army strength.

Attack step:
If the AI has enough army strength then he will perform attacks until he is either out of targets or out of army strength. He will first target the player's stock, until there is nothing left, then he will target either a players location or bandits which ever has the highest VP value. Ties in VP value are broken by choosing one target at random with equal probability for each choice.

Building step:
The AI will only build military buildings. If the AI has enough resources to build any military building in the display then assign each military building, that he can afford, a number. Roll a single die until one of those numbers comes up. He then buys this card. Now take his dice and place them in a cup, draw one out and roll it. If the row and column indicated by the die already contains a military building then draw another die out and roll again. If all dice have been drawn then place his dice back in the cup and begin again. Repeat until the building is placed.
The AI will only buy one building per turn. (optionally the AI will buy as many buildings as he can.)

The AI does not use any trade ship.

In all cases the AI follows the rules in the rule book.
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