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Subject: Wave 2.0 details of new heroes and monsters rss

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Philip Jelley
United Kingdom
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Update #68

Nov 23 2016

Wave 2 Update! New Heroes and Mission Packs Preview! Forbidden Fortress!

Hello Brimstone Gang-

Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaw! We are getting closer to Wave 2 every day, as containers arrive from the factories with more parts and pieces for us to sort and prepare for packing into Wave 2 boxes. It is a very exciting time, indeed! And the new Kickstarter for Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress is rolling along, too! We will have a preview of that later in the update, but first, let's talk more about Wave 2...

Wave 2 Update

Wave 2 is marching ever closer as we get more and more of the final materials back from manufacturing! We are still on track to begin the Wave 2 packing and shipping process starting in late December/early January. It will take a few months to get everything sorted, packed up, and sent out to everyone, but we are excited to get this final shipping wave into the hands of all the Backers!

Extra Items

Many Backers have been asking when we will open up the option to fill out the extra items for their Wave 2 to get a hold of any extras that will be in the retail release versions of a few of the kits (items that were not originally part of the KS such as Flesh Drones to go with the Flesh Stalker, Sand Crabs and Wasteland Warlord/Heavies for the Blasted Wastes, etc). This will be handled through the official Flying Frog Webstore and we will have an update in early December with more information.

Preview of New Heroes and Mission Packs

We wanted to give you guys a quick preview of some of the expansion material that we haven't shown much of yet.

First, let's look at some of the new Heroes: The Dark Stone Shaman, Wandering Samurai, and Gambler...

Now, let's focus on the six new Mission Packs: Feral Vampires, Hellfire Succubi, The Lost Army, Werewolves, Order of the Crimson Hand Cultists, and Black Fang Tribe.

Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Kickstarter

As many of you already know, the Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Kickstarter is in full swing right now, and heading into the final week!

Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress is the next chapter in the Shadows of Brimstone series. It can be played on its own as a stand-alone game, or it can be used in combination with any and all of the other Shadows of Brimstone products already available! It is fully compatible, in every way!

We have been revealing some fantastic new Heroes, Enemies, and OtherWorlds for it, as well as a few new elements that tie in closely with the original Shadows of Brimstone Worlds and themes!

New OtherWorlds

The Forbidden Fortress – A Feudal Japanese castle, overrun with all manner of demons and creatures, the Forbidden Fortress is a dark and foreboding place, filled with unspeakable horrors, Dishonored Dead, and mythological monsters to terrorize your Heroes. As you climb ever higher through the large open courtyards, stairway passages, and interior rooms of the Fortress, you will find that there is no escape from the forces of Darkness within.

The Belly of the Beast – A world within an unspeakably massive monster, the Belly of the Beast allows the Heroes to explore the twisting corridors and living chambers inside the creature! The walls pulse and drip with sticky mucus, wet from the hot and humid mist that hangs in the air; while the fleshy floor gives beneath your feet with every step. The Heroes will find themselves battling all sorts of living organs and parasites, and fighting off the Flesh Mites, Acid Blobs, Skin Crawlers, Bone Eaters, and Parasitic Tentacles that inhabit this ‘living’ world.

Some of you may recognize this OtherWorld as a Stretch Goal that was announced, but not unlocked, during the original Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter campaign.

Forest of the Dead - The Forest of the Dead is a shadowy realm that lies between worlds, where the dead roam freely amongst the ancient and decayed trees.

One of the main World features of the Forest of the Dead is that all the Enemies there automatically gain the Keyword Undead and Fear(1). This combines with the fact that in addition to the normal spectres and monsters that reside there, several of the OtherWorld Threat cards in the Forest have you draw a World card and a Threat from that World, giving you the possibility of running into Undead versions of any Enemies that are out there, as they roam the haunted, supernatural Forest of the Dead!

You may run into a patrol of Undead Trederran Legionnaires, zombie Night Terrors, decayed Oni, or rusty and shambling Custodians from the Targa Plateau. The possibilities can be endless, drawn from across your entire Shadows of Brimstone collection to terrify and torment your Heroes!

Trederran Veteran Hero Class

One of the other cool new items in the Forbidden Fortress Kickstarter is a playable Trederran Veteran Hero!

Hailing from the war-torn alien world of Trederra, this veteran soldier of the Trederran Legionnaires is a survivor of countless engagements on the toxic battlefields and blown out ruins of his home. Growing weary of the never-ending wars, and realizing the true power of evil looming beyond the shadows, he has left his world to join in the fight against the real Darkness that threatens all worlds.

In search of adventure, and perhaps riches, he has answered the call to become not just a soldier of Trederra…but a Hero.

The Trederran Veteran is a new OtherWorld Hero themed as a soldier from the bombed-out, industrial age, alien world of Trederra. A hardened warrior, this Hero class is highly skilled as both a hand-to-hand fighter and at range, with his trusty Trederran Trench Pistol.

As he comes from an alien world, this pack includes a special Trederra Personal Items deck as well as a deck of Trederran Starting Factions that you get to choose from when creating your Hero! Will you be an elite shock trooper from the Republic of Tar-kon, a mutated Legionnaire from The Royal Foundry, or perhaps a warrior decked out in the ceremonial armor of The Shintaro Core? Whichever Nation you choose, one thing is certain, the Trederran Veteran is a solid and fun addition to any Hero Posse.

New Caverns of Cynder Enemy - Magma Fiends

There are many new and terrifying Enemies in the Forbidden Fortress Kickstarter, but one that may be of particular interest to Brimstone fans are the Magma Fiends of Cynder!

Spewing molten magma from their gaping maws, these rocky creatures swarm through the Caverns of Cynder, churning the lava and belching black smoke as they burrow new tunnels through the rock. Much like the Lava Men, these Fiends are constructed from the magma itself, hardening into charred masses, and chewing through the solid walls to open up new passages and chambers for the lava to flow.

These enemies have the ability to chew open new doorways on the board and can leave a trail of burning lava spaces in their wake! They are themed for the Caverns of Cynder OtherWorld, but also include Threat cards to appear in the Old West Mines / Forbidden Fortress.

This is just a taste of everything the Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress campaign has to offer, and there are new Stretch Goals being unlocked every day!

The Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Kickstarter campaign ends on November 30th, so go take a look before it gets.

Thank you again for all of your support and for creating a dedicated and thriving community around Shadows of Brimstone. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to getting Wave 2 shipping underway!

Scott and Jason
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shipping process starting in late December/early January. It will take a few months to get everything sorted, packed up, and sent out to everyone, but we are excited to get this final shipping wave into the hands of all the Backers!

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skolo wrote:
shipping process starting in late December/early January. It will take a few months to get everything sorted, packed up, and sent out to everyone, but we are excited to get this final shipping wave into the hands of all the Backers!


Not sure what you mean by the double snore.

I think it was even cool just to see the warehouse pics. That is a lot of plastic. FFP sure does have some work ahead of them.
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