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Subject: Live play chapter 1 game 19 rss

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Yves Baguet
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Start: charburner (2stone/1wood)
Assistants for 1 I need 2white and for the other 1green, 1white and 2black

Round 1
Event: +2 cards if you don't build.
Handcards: 5
brick manufacture, bakery (cost12), bakery (cost9), weaving mill, butcher.
Draw 2 cards (market office and tailor shop)
Morning market: lots of wood and stone
Work orderly (weaving mill to build)
Evening market: all the goods I need are here
Produce: + 2coal on charburner
production chain: no wood cards in my hand
Build weaving mill (needs 1grain and 3clay) for 5coal

Round 2
Event: new buildings and Good old Tony
Handcards: 6
brick manufacture, bakery (12) and bakery (9), butcher, market office, tailor shop.
Draw two cards
Morning market: 2stone and 1clay
Because I have 1clay handcard I move my worker to weaving mill and decide to work sloppily. (tailor shop to build, so I can get my first assistant)
Evening market: 2wood
Luckily I chose to work sloppily
Produce: I give 1clay and 1grain and spent 2wool from my handcards
Build: tailor shop with 2fabric and 1coal
Buy assistant with my last fabric and another coal

Round 3
Event: phase2 market 3 suns
Handcards: 3
I change handcards looking for some clay, no clay turns up. But another mill and bakery
Draw 2 cards: more grain
Morning market: 3grain, 1wood, 1stone, 1wool
Decide to work sloppily in the weaving mill so I can later on use the production chain of my tailor shop (watchtower to build)
Evening market more wood
Charburner: nothing (only 2coal on the building)
Weaving mill: nothing there is no clay in the market
Build watchtower with my last 2coal

Round 4
Event: 3 suns in phase 3
Handcard: 5
I exchange all cards and draw two cards and get 2clay, 3wool, 1stone and 1grain
Morning market: 4wood, 1clay and 1grain
Decide to work orderly in the weaving mill to get more fabric (corn farm to build)
Evening market: lots of wood, 1clay, 1grain, 1stone and 3wool
Charburner: give 1stone handcard to produce 1coal with assistant
Weaving mill: give 2clay handcards and 3wool handcards to make 5 fabric total
Build a green corn farm

Round 5
Event: immediately use production chain of 1 building
Exchange 1coal and 1fabric to get 2clothes in the tailor shop
Handcards: 1 + Draw 2 cards
Morning market: only 1clay and 1stone and wood
I decide to stay in the weaving mill and choose to work sloppily, no risk (another watchtower to build)
Evening market: NOOOO 3clay show up, I could have worked orderly!
Charburner: 1coal + 1wood from handcards
Weaving mill 1 fabric
Cornfarm: 1corn
Build watchtower with corn and hire second assistant with 1fabric (overpayed)
Place assistant in tailor shop

Round 6
Event: move assistant, I don't.
Handcards 2 and decide to Exchange cards to get clay, no clay from the new cards but 2wool draw 2 cards 1wood and another bakery
Morning market: hey useless Tony in the market! 4wood and 1grain
I decide to work sloppily (bakery to build) (I know I'm not producing flour yet)
Evening market: 1wool and 1stone
Charburner: nothing
Weaving mill: nothing
Tailorshop: nothing
Corn farm: 1
Build bakery with 2fabric and 1coal

Round 7
Event: decline cards to get 3coal I decide I need coal for the production chains
Morning market: 4wood, 1wool and 1stone
I decide to work sloppily because there is no clay (nothing to build)
Evening market: 2wool and 1wood
Where is all the clay!!!!
Charburner: nothing (1stone short)
Tailor shop: nothing (no clay)
Corn farm: 1
Bakery: nothing

Round 8
Event : after building use production chains
Handcards: 3, draw 2 cards 5 handcards
Morning market: 2stone and 1clay
Decide to work sloppily in the mill
Evening market: 1wood and 1stone
Charburner: 1coal
Weaving mill and tailor shop: nothing (not enough clay)
Corn farm: 1
Use production chains: 2wool in the weaving mill and take 4coal and 4fabric to get 8clothes

Round 9
Event: get 1 good on a building, I choose the bakery
Handcards: 3 cards I decide to exchange and draw 2 more cards. 2clay, 2grain (food factory and mill) 1wood
Morning market: 1grain, 1wool, 1stone
Decide to work sloppily (mill to build)
Evening market: nothing I need
Charburner 1coal + 1wood handcard
Tailor shop: nothing
Weaving mill: no worker or assistant there
Corn farm 1 (4total)
Bakery: 1bread because I worked sloppily (2bread total)
Build mill with 1clothes (overpayed)

So at the end of round 9 I have
16 of 40 food
19VP in buildings and assistants + 7clothes (worth 5VP) 24VP of 32
So I need 24 food and 8VP in my last turn.
At least I have the food factory still in my hand.

Event: end game and use all production chains
Handcards: only 3 but there is one food factory I have to build in this last round.
Draw 2 cards: 2stone.
Morning market: 4wood and 1clay
Decide to work sloppily in the mill to get flour for my bread in the food factory
(Food factory to build)
Evening market: 3grain
Charburner: Give 2stone handcards to get 1coal
Tailorshop: I decide not to give my 1clay handcard to my assistant, because I need it for my mill.
Cornfarm: 1corn
Mill: 1clay handcard to get 1flour
Food factory: 1bread
Production chain: 1flour and 1coal for 2bread and 4bread to the food factory.

End game score
Buildings and assistants: 24VP + (12 goods = 2VP) makes 26VP
Food: 42 Food
2 watchtowers.

So still 6VP short!
Round 6 and 7 were really bad because both of my buildings needed clay and there was almost no clay.
If in a few rounds I got some more wool or clay in my hand I could have gotten two or four more bread or food that gave me 8 maybe 16 more goods points, but 18 is still only 3VP more.
I get the feeling I'm getting closer to 32vp and after 19 losses I won't give up until I'm there.

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Alexander Pfister
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Great session report! You were very close, well done!
Your first building, the weaving mill, was quite a bad one. The optimal building would be one, which:
- needs wood (as wood is the most common resource in the game - more green cards than the other 4 resources).
- not needs grain for chapter 1 (as you need grain later for your food production)
- not needs the resource, you use for the production chain for this building, e.g. wool for weaving mill.

I think this is very important, as a bad first building costs you a lot of hand cards during the game. So it is worth spending 3$ more to get a good one.

Don't focus too much on an early assistant, better to focus on using the production chain of your first building (e.g. bricks or weaving mill -> cloths etc). Spending fabrics might be very expansive as 1 fabric (3$) might become 2 cloth (8$) or +5$ (or +4$ as you need 1 coal).
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