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Subject: Custom hero: Gateway (revised) rss

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Joseph Farina
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Hi guys, sorry I’ve been gone for a while, I got a little, very ill. But I’m back now ready for a second round of editing/playtesting/seeing what you guys think. I also added a variant power to each of the heroes because why not, it’s fun. I also want to be more conscientious of the forum and the way it works. I know last time, I wasn’t a big participator in other people’s posts so I’ll try to be more participatory this time around. I have every one of my decks retested/edited, but again, as a courtesy, I won’t post them all at once. I know that if I do, I will push everyone else’s posts way down which is kind of rude, so I’ll probably only post a couple every once in awhile. Anyway, here it goes:

Backstory: The basic backstory for each one of these heroes I have created is that they are all some kind of fan or are somehow connected to one of the heroes from the main game. For some, they became inspired when they were saved by such a hero, while others have simply always admired their respective hero. Thus, some cards may look similar to their respective hero's cards. However, each deck is entirely its own and is not meant to be a variant of a hero. This is the corresponding hero to tachyon. Gateway creates portals that she and other heroes/villains/people can go through. Sometimes, however, her portals are a bit unstable and she ends up injuring anyone who goes through. She is also the tactical mind of the custom heroes I have made and thus, some of her cards have to do with changing plans/strategies etc.

Hp 26

incapacitated powers:
one hero target discards a card, then draws two cards.

1 hero target regains 2 hp

1 hero target deals another target 2 melee damage.

Core power: Change of plans: discard a card. Draw two cards.

Variant power: tactical punch: Gateway deals 1 hero target 1 irreducible sonic damage. 1 target may regain 2 hp.

Ongoings (9 total):

X2 helping hand (ongoing, limited): If you skip your play phase, one other hero may play a card.

X2 Sit and watch (ongoing, Limited): If you skip your power phase, one other hero may use a power now.

X3 Oops! (ongoing, Limited): Once per turn, when gateway would deal damage to a hero target, she may redirect that damage to a different target. If she does, increase or decrease that damage by 1.

X2 Trick of the mind (Ongoing, limited): whenever target regains hp, gateway may deal that target 1 irreducible psychic damage

Equipment (11 total):

X3 Portal destabilizer: (equipment, limited): Every time you play a portal card, deal yourself and 1 non-hero target 1 energy damage.
power: discard a card from your hand with the keyword “portal” in it. Deal x targets 2 energy damage where x = the number of portal cards in your hand. You may destroy this card.

X3 portal stabilizer (equipment, limited): Once per turn, when gateway would deal damage to a hero target, they may regain that much hp instead.

X3 electric knuckles (equipment, limited): the first time each turn a hero target is dealt damage by gateway, that hero target may use a power.

X2 auxiliary power (equipment, limited): At the start of your turn, gateway either discards two cards or destroys this card.
You may play an additional card during your play phase.

One-shot (20 total. 18 portals):

X2 portal to everywhere (one-shot, portal): Play the top card of each deck in any order.

X2 portal slice (one-shot, portal): you may destroy a hero card. If you do, destroy an ongoing or environment card and deal 1 target 3 psychic damage.

X2 rapid recon (one-shot, portal): each hero draws two cards. Each hero discards a card.

X3 portal to nowhere (one-shot, portal): deal each target except gateway 1 sonic damage. Targets dealt damage this way cannot deal damage until the start of your next turn.

X2 Oblivion (one-shot, portal): deal x number of heroes targets 2 sonic damage. Destroy x ongoing/environment cards where x is less than or equal to the number of active heroes.

X3 accidental teleportation (one-shot, portal): deal all targets 4 sonic damage. All hero targets regain 1 hp. All targets regain 1 hp.

X2 tactical adjustment (one-shot, portal): until the start of your next turn, every time you discard a card, you may play a card.
draw two cards. discard a card.

X2 portal barrage (one-shot): gateway deals 1 other hero target and 1 non-hero target x melee damage where x = the number of portal cards in the trash.
note: not a portal.

X2 pathfinder (one-shot, portal): Discard any number of cards from your hand. Draw as many cards as you discarded this way + 1. You may play a card.

Thanks for reading! Comments are very much appreciated.

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Dennison Milenkaya
United States
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Rapid Recon is the name of Tachyon's power.

Oblivion is a Nightmist card.
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