Colin Raitt
United Kingdom
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July 1940
France is out and Britain bankrupt. Germany spent 38EPs on invasion barges and Ju52s. 2 more wolf packs went to sea. The spitfires in Corsica are stuck, not enough range to fly home and no STPs to ship them. The fleet withdrew from the med except HMS Kent, a cripple, at Gib which stops the Italian fleet from following.
4 carriers covered the evacuation of Bordeaux before patrolling off Rosyth (Edinburgh) with 13 battleships. Ju52s lifted supply and reduced infantry to Newcastle. 3 infantry and 2 panzers and the 2nd paratroop gained toe holds in Suffolk and Kent. The last Hurricanes and Blenheims were shot down in the airbattle. No counterattack drove them back into the sea as Britain hadn't bought any offensives. Paratroops marched into Glasgow and the British army concentrated around the capital. The Kriegsmarine dropped off supplies and sailed back home for ground reinforcements.

Tank corps broke through in south Karelia and the Russians pressed forward in Lapland making sure to fill every hex of the border and destroying more than half the Finnish army.
Germans transferred from west to east and they adopted a more aggresive position, inching up to the frontier. Oblivious, 6 Russian armies railed to the Kola peninsula.

1 u-boat was damaged and switched to the South Atlantic but Britains shipping losses reached 37EP. The Royal Navy camped out at Harwich losing all remaining Gladiators, Swordfish, Spitfires and HMS Resolution for 3 hits on He111s and 1 on Stukas. They should have done that last month with all the convoy escorts. Risking slaughter, the Kriegsmarine set out with supplies and 2 more panzers, slipping past the blockade unnoticed. The Luftwaffe managed to sink just 2 more battleships, Revenge and Royal Oak. Rommel, AKA the desert fox, swept through London. Hoth advanced to Southampton in exploitation and the British army in Britain wiped out. Infantry from Newcastle took Liverpool, the last supply source on the main island. The luftwaffe took an air offensive sinking HMS Ramillies with 8 bombers and losing Flieger Korps X to massed flak of the fleet. The Royal Navy pulled back to Belfast.

Lapland fell and the winter war finally ended just in time.
3 panzers railed to East Prussia.

The Royal Navy retreated to Canada. Germans landed next to Belfast but won't occupy it till October 1941 lest America joins.

Axis air units flew east. Most of the army shipped to the Baltic. Guderian and Kleist led 3 panzers in Barbarossa, 4 small pockets were formed and immediately mopped up. Progress was good and Smolensk bypassed in exploitation. A few infantry corps railed up behind the spearheads. Axis troops moved into Persia, vaguely threatening the caucasus.
The soviets stacked Leningrad, Moscow, Tula, Kiev and Odessa by drawing men from the Finnish and Japanese fronts and rebuilding losses.
Stalin is swimming cash. Britain closed the convoy routes in Autumn and received only 7EP, she'll be in the red for the whole of 1941. Romania and Hungary joined the anti-bolshevik crusade. Germany has plenty of funds to repair her air losses. I played on solo after we agreed to switch to John Prados' 3rd Reich next week and I told Jon I would pack it away.
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Lincoln Graves
United States
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Well that's a learning game for you. Don't waste your time on the JP3R game. But don't blame Prados, he had absolutely nothing to do with it. On the other hand JP3R works well for ahistorical scenarios covering the the mid 1930s.
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