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I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I was surprised to not find a specific forum for GeekMod…

I've been doing a lot of geekmodding lately, and I have found a few things missing from, or in need of update in, the guidelines and the options for declining images.

Overall I think the guidelines could do with some more explanation of the different reasons to reject. For images, it would also be great to have some examples of edge-cases, examples that should be considered good enough to accept, compared to examples that should be declined. This applies particularly to Blurry, Badly Cropped, Badly Rotated, and Bad Glare.

There are some things I find particularly unclear in the guidelines. For example, it states that no images of individual components are allowed, but there is no stated reason for this rule. I assume the reason is that we do not want high resolution flat scans or photos of components that would effectively comprise a free premium PnP of a game that is not otherwise available as a free PnP. But if that's the reason, there are a few problems with this rule.

Firstly, it's still allowed to upload the same picture, as long as there are more than one components on it, and it's smaller than 1900 px on the longer side (and less than 200 ppi, I'll come to that in i minute). For most components, this is still plenty of room to have two or more components in the same picture, neatly arranged to be printable.

Secondly, the quote below comes from the notes to the mods for an image of a single card component, but clearly not possible to use for printing outright:

Dear mod, I know that I am uploading an individual component, but hope that you can consider so as to provide more creative space for me to work with. Uploading multiple components in a single image makes it hard to give depth to any one component. Hope this is okay.

The image wasn't this specific one, but was very similar:

Going back in my own mod-history, I can see that I've accepted a lot of those images, but many of them have been rejected, presumably because they depict a single component.

Now, someone's been uploading loads of those images, and I'm not personally a fan of them, but if the single component rule is there to avoid unauthorised PnP copies, images like this one shouldn't be rejected because of that rule.

Now, let's cover this one: "Scans and copy-photography images of flat materials, such as counter sheets and cards, may have a maximum resolution of 200ppi, or a maximum size of 1900 pixels on the long side, whichever is less."

One problem with this rule is that there is no option among the rejection reasons that covers this rule.

Another problem is that the rule really doesn't make a lot of sense. I mean, I get the spirit behind it. It's clearly about limiting the possibility for creating high resolution premium PnP's out of the BGG gallery. But it doesn't make much sense from a technical perspective. As stated above, for most components this is plenty to make a high resolution copy of at least two components in the same picture.

The 200 ppi rule just doesn't make any sense at all. Firstly, there is no way to see that within the GeekMod interface, so you'd have to check that separately. It could be done by downloading the picture and opening it in an image editing app, or, probably, by some browser plugin. But it also doesn't matter at all, because the only thing that actually matters is the pixel dimensions.

Unless of course, this is meant as "pixels per inch at the component's actual physical scale". That would make perfect sense, since that would treat all components equally, no matter how big or small the component is. The only problem with that is that it's going to be an extreme amount of work to find out what that number actually is, even if you already own the game yourself so you have the exact size of the component.

So this part of the rules really need some work, in my opinion.

Sorry for the long post, but I feel that these problems make the approval process a lot more arbitrary than necessary for certain kinds of images.
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I realize that image geekmod is missing checkboxes for several of the decline reasons. When there was a comment box, people could give the reason, if it wasn't listed. When the comment box was removed, I gave the list of reasons that would now need their own checkboxes, but they have not been added yet. Since a checkbox is required, you'll just have to check a different box to decline, until the correct boxes are in place.

The 1900 pixel rule for flat items is indeed to limit the high-res PnP-ability of game components. In practice, it's the 1900 pixels (easy to check) part that gets used. The 200ppi part would come into play if there were smaller items like cards... a 3 inch card at 200 ppi would be 600 pixels, much smaller than 1900. But since we'd prefer to have things grouped together, rather than a series of similar images of individual components, that's not much of an issue. The 1900 number came from RPGG's image guidelines, rather than reinventing the wheel.

The individual component and similar images rules go hand in hand. Rather than submit a shot of each mini, or, sometimes, a front and back and side of each mini, the general idea is to give an overview shot or to have components grouped together. Users can always put the individual shots in their user galleries, and display them in a comment beneath the group image, and use them in session reports/reviews/other posts. The idea behind that is to try to keep the image galleries useful. If one person submits 10/20/50 individual images, it might be a pain to click through. When 10 people do it, we're suddenly talking 100/200/500 images. Then 100 people... etc. We want to keep a balance of everyone being able to contribute, and still try to have the image galleries useful.

If you find an image blurry, or badly cropped, or badly rotated, or the glare interferes with the image, by all means, click decline. If enough people agree, it will be declined.
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