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Subject: Marathon against Minions: Bringing it up to level 10! rss

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(Disclaimer: This session report contains spoiler for Mission 7-10. My son and I played four mechs; he played Zigg and Corki throughout the missions while I Tristana and Heimerdinger. We used EZ mode all the time to ease our pain.)

Mission 7 was a surprise for us because we lost in four turns! We played it wrong, we moved cautiously, taking care of the crystals thinking they were as our primary objectives. Apparently, the crystals were secondary to securing the assembly. Yes, the dossier stated that clearly but we did not properly consider the minions' speed and all.

Burning with vengeance, we restarted Mission 7. This time, Heimerdinger and Corki rushed toward the assembly, dropping the crystals in their way. They then stood guard, blocking minions, flamespitting the ones coming from front and sniping ones approaching from behind. The other two carried their crystals to the assembly. After locking the two crystals, Tristana and Zigg went back to pick the remaining crystals. Heimerdinger and Corki stayed behind to guard the assembly. While the rest of the session was tense, we could control the board and finally won the game.

During this mission we put more consideration in specialising our mechs. The two guarding the assembly were armed to their teeth. Cyclotron and Ripsaw for Corki and Flamespitter and Hexmatic Aimbot for Heimerdinger. The other two were programmed with Speed and Omnistop for maximum movement and flexibility.

Mission 8 played a little bit like Mission 5, where we needed to tow the bomb. Corki and Zigg were on the front, clearing the path for Heimerdinger, who towed the bomb. Tristana played as our rear guard, occasionally pushing Heimerdinger and the bomb and at times blasting the minions coming from our flanks. Since there were lava tiles, we moved very carefully. We completed the game after two hours, I think the longest session we played this far.

Mission 9 again played like Mission 5, this time the "chased by lava" part. Since we did not have the bomb to take care of, we decided to rush forward, stomped upon minions, trod on lava tiles and braced damage like mad Yordles. At one point, Heimerdinger got his command board full of damage (Do we have an achievement for that? We should!) yet he managed to reach the safe place just fine. This mission saw the damage card pile depleted at amazing rate, we run out of it twice in this mission! Madness!

Mission 10 was a repetition of Mission 3, with extra job of destroying the crystal. At our first run, we managed to destroy three crystals but then the boss' attacks were screwing us royally and hindered us from destroying the last one. We also made the wrong decision to let the three mechs standing on the repair pads, waiting for Zigg to destroy the last crystal and for dismantling one of the boss' cards. Before Zigg could do that, the boss drew his third green card and the next turn activated his Doom Cannon. GGHF.

After break for lunch, we played Mission 10 again. This time, each mech run toward the crystals and, again, managed to destroy three. Corki was surrounded by minions and with damage to his armour (that damage card is devious! 8 damage at once!? Poor Corki...) But instead of waiting him on the repair pads, we decided to destroy the last crystal ASAP and focused on attacking the boss. Heimerdinger stomped the last crystal and Tristana and Zigg concentrated their attacks to the boss. Next turn, Heimerdinger moved on the upper right of the map, where there were four runes in line, allowing Zigg to deal three damage in one turn! Blaze, Chain Lightning then Hexmatic Aimbot. The boss was down and we won the game!

Overall, the last three missions bear resemblance with previous missions and this reduced the novelty a bit. Unlike when playing Mission 1-7 when we constantly felt "Oh, this is new!", Mission 8 and 9 gave similar feeling with Mission 5, while Mission 10 is similar with Mission 3. Despite that, we still enjoyed these missions, but if Riot decides to release more scenarios, I hope they could come up with more exciting and unique scenarios, like how Mission 1-7 are.

The additional rules (lava tile, spiked wall and rune gates) are easy to understand but the interaction of all these rules make the later missions more prone to obscure situations/different interpretations requiring rule confirmation from Riot. For us, we just house ruled them as we see fit (we don't want to pause our game and resume it after getting official rules) but other players might be bothered by that.

All in all, Mechs vs Minions is a great game for us. We enjoy playing it and each session was pure fun and excitement. We are looking to play some more, maybe trying the football variant and PvP variant (based on Mission 3) before running another campaign. With the great production quality, easy to learn harder to master mechanic and exciting gameplay, MvM is a game that we love and the first to gain 10/10 in my collection!

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