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Subject: It's all relative... rss

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Anthony Cambeiro

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Let's take a simple example.
You and the Sherriff start with 50 coins each.
You attempt to get 4 apples and 1 crossbow.
You declare 5 apples obviously.
No matter what you are going to score those 4 apples.
So the question is how much do you offer the Sherriff?

If you offer him 5 then you will have 45 coins and he has 55 coins. You now have crossbow worth 9 at the end of the game. The sum of your coins and crossbow is 54. You are actually 1 coin worse relative to the Sherriff. But you are 4 coins to the good relative to the OTHER players.

So it matters very much the relative score of the Sherriff to you to determine what to offer.

Now clearly you prefer to get it through than not. If Sherriff inspects you then you are -8 relative to Sherriff (you lose 4 and he gains 4) and -4 relative to all the other players.

You can do the math for all the other goods and permutations.

I do wonder after 3 plays if the game is broken in that the bonuses for legal goods are so great relative to the potential gain and risk of contraband.

I'm coming to the belief you have to remove the Queen bonus. And you should create a King bonus on contraband.

I enjoy the game very much with my group. We all distrust each other enough to make it interesting. And we have used that distrust well by causing the sherrif to inspect a legal bag of 5. Which in terms of relative scores for the sherrif to the player is devastating... +20 for player relative to Sherriff and +10 for player relative to other player. It would be nearly impossible for a Sherriff who inspects a legal bag of 5 to ever catch up to the player he inspected.

Thoughts? I'm very curious to hear Experiences with custom house rules...
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William Aull
United States
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You are vendors bringing your items to sell at your carts. It's not about who can sneak the most contraband past the Sheriff, you'd be more of a gunrunner at that point.

I guess you can houserule it, but it's against the spirit of the game.
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