yaakov Buchsbaum
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my first ever attempt at design board game, any help is appreciated.
Title: Designers VS Publishers
Player: 1-2
Length: 10 min

The Core Idea behind the game is to create a 2 player deck building game where the players are building the same deck. Some cards are points to the first player others are worth points to the second player, at the game end we score points player with more points wins.

Game OverView
The catch is that there are 3 types of resources a nuetral resource that is needed to for buying any card, a type 1 resource for 1st player and a type 2 for the 2nd player.
Buying cards with points for 1st player costs the type 2 resource. Cards that give the 2nd player points give type 2 resource.
Players must buy cards that are potential points for his opponent so he can gain resource to buy his cards.


Game Setup
take the 3 start cards, they're 'player deck' the other cards are 'store deck'.
take the 4 store start cards, choose 1 randomly, shuffle the rest into 'store deck'.
draw 2 cards from the store deck, place them and the third card next to the 'store deck' at random order, this will be the 'store'.
decide which player will be the designers and who will be the publishers.

each player in his turn draws 3 cards from the player deck, if no cards can be drawn shuffle the player discard pile turn it over and use it as the player deck.
use the card actions, note that a card that it action was used cannot be discarded so action order is important.
use the sum of the cards resources to buy one card from the store.
discard all the cards into the player discard pile.
if no card was baught from the store discard the card farthest from the store deck into the store discard pile.
push the cards in the store away from the store deck then refill the store using the store deck.
if there aren't enough cards to refill the store deck trash the card farest away from the store deck shuffle the store discard pile and use it as the new store deck.
if you still can't refill the store the game reached the end.

game End
take all the cards from the palyers deck and discard pile count the publishers points and the designers points, the player that has more points wins.


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