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Subject: Gameplay mod - Survivior Proffessions rss

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Matt Hall
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Survivor Professions

With the promise of 1.5 updated rules on the horizon I thought why not try and come up with some mods to change up the gameplay a bit.

I've thrown something together and I'd like a selection of critical eyes to comment, i have not playtested this would like to know what the community thinks before I set it upon my gaming group

-note- sorry to those that have seen this on /r/kingdomdeath

Inspired by the 1.5 KS idea of the philosophies of death and the comment made by Poots that the game is too focused around the super survivors as opposed to the settlement.

This is a mod that allows you to invest your survivors into the settlement locking them off from hunting. In exchange for bonuses to the settlement. In Monster, survivors are a resource, so why not provide another way to use them.

Something akin to the silk surgeon 'secret?' fighting art. Survivors are assigned a proffession, they can no longer hunt but provide a semi-reliable additional ability to the settlement, they are free to activate but can only be done so once per settlement phase

Only one survivor of each profession can be activated per settlement phase Survivors may only have one profession Professions can be taken by any survivor with at least 2 hunt xp
Activated through innovation inside the education tree, consequence of storytelling? Symposium > storytelling > Teaching
Teaching 1 endeavour:
1 Survivor gains Obsessed disorder - Obsessed, Failure is the path to perfection, when the survivor is a returning survivor he Must endeavour on teaching, if they cannot they hurt themselves in a rage - roll a random severe injury with +2 to the result
2-5 nothing but wasted time
6+ survivor gains a disorder Obsession - Obsession, there must be more to life than hunting. The survivor can no longer voluntarily go out on hunts, the survivor gains a profession, if the survivor is ever forced to hunt, in the following settlement phase gain Despondence and lose obsession
Despondence - My life’s work means nothing, in the darkness there is only death. Can never again take up a profession, take 1 random severe injury per profession level at +2

After gaining a profession
A professional can be activated allowing a single roll 1d10+profession level
Craftsman- 8-10 reduce item cost by 1 basic resource, 11+ reduce item cost by 1 resource Gatherer - 8-10 produce 1 basic resource, 11+ produce 1 monter resource Tracker- 8-10 departing survivors may ignore a single hunt event(after rolling), 11+ chance to ambush monster Teacher - 8 +1 understanding, 9 +1 courage , 10+ share fighting art, 11+ pick reward Builder 8-10 produce 1 endeavour, 11+ produce 1 endeavour +1 on all endeavour rolls Surgeon/Shrink -8-10 provides a +1 to all endeavour rolls to heal severe injuries/disorders with innovations, 11+ remove severe injury of your choice from a survivor, that survivor may no go on the next hunt


Can’t voluntarily hunt

The idea is to invest your resources, making them off limits to hunt creates a narrative that they are constantly in the settlement doing things, rather than lounging around. It also makes it a decision, you must ask yourself ‘can i afford to lock off the survivor(s)’
The game dictates that four survivors must go out on hunts, professionals are not excluded, if the hunting party is short they must join the hunting party, they join the hunt normally and then suffer

Profession level

Originally i was thinking of each successful use of the profession gave 1 hunt xp, and it is still on the cards, i like the idea of how it would interact with council of elders, however it may be open to passively levelling up survivors and then pulling them out of the profession as strong survivors, maybe this is a good thing, it kind of devalues 1.4 lantern hoard endeavour? Instead each time a successful roll is made the profession levels up, to a maximum of 3.

Meaning that a survivor of a profession level three will earn something on 5+

Maybe different rewards based on level? Maybe 11+ 12+ rewards, or cumulative rewards, like other systems, such as see the truth/white secret a maxed out stat should be suitably powerful

Disorder for failing to learn something

The idea of nothing comes for free and without risk is paramount to maintaining the feel of monster and the idea of a survivor smashing their skull against the stone faced floor because they do not get to do what they want i think it is quite fitting.
Losing a profession

I like the idea of when our wild, kind of stupid, survivors set their mind on something the last thing they want to do is give it up, the profession level will dictate the level of masochistic trauma and I think it emulates a childish tantrum. Could provide some amusing stories
Playtesting will tell if it is too punishing,

Principles determine available professions
I like this idea a lot will think more on this, opening up all professions a the drop could be too much, perhaps barbaric teacher provide +1 courage and romantic provide +1 understanding?

A quick mod thrown together to give survivors that do not hunt(or cannot hunt) something to do. Providing the choice to invest selected survivors into certain roles to benefit the settlement through means other than carving up monsters.
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