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Subject: How to incorporate game night? rss

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Jason Sacher
United States
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So I just got the Xenoshyft Onslaught Game Night 1 pack. Its here if anyone else is interested.

Anyway the "rules" for game night assume you had divided the pack into 4 groups and only have 1 copy of each card. Since I got the pack off Amazon rather then attend an event I have the full 4 copies of each card. I want to come up with rules to use all these cards both in the 11th hour scenario and in normal games, but since the cards are very powerful I feel they would make the game too easy.

What the cards do.

RDM "Corpseman" doc bot (upgraded med bot): Deploy this card as you would a troop (it counts as a troop) All troops in the lane recive +2 health. When a troop would suffer damage you may kill this troop to prevent that damage. 2 power 1 hp.

XNC "Inferno" grenade (upgraded hi-ex grenade): Deal 3 damage to 1 enemy. Each time that enemy attack or advanced in lane this round deal it 1 damage.

Prototype "medusa" gun emplacement (upgraded hawykeye gun emplacement): Once per round, when an enemy is dealt damage deal that enemy, and the next enemy in lane an additional 2 damage. 1 power

"Hades' Gaze" Plasma Launcher (upgraded hellblaster rocket): Once per round, if this troop is not the first troop in lane, it may deal 1 revealed enemy in lane 4 damage. 4 power

Experimental aps "flashbang" armor (upgraded aps pulsar armor): Once per round you may deal this troop 2 damage to cancel the reveal effect of one enemy. 2 hp

Experimental XMP "atlas" armor (upgraded xmp titan armor): One per round, you may deal this troop 2 damage to give it +3 power this combat. 4 hp

Munitions expert nicholas colt: Given to the player who is weapons research in addition to the weapon research card. Once per wave as an instant select 1 weapon card equiped to a troop. The next time that weapon deals damage to an enemy or boosts a troop increase that amount by the current wave.

Chief Armorer mark gatling: Given to the player who is the armor in addition to the armor card. Once per wave before combat select 1 troop that does not have an armor card and place a token on it. That troop gains additional hp and power equal to the current wave and counts as having an armor card equipped.

Medical officer selena gaaand: Given to the player who is the med bay in addition to the med bay card. Once per wave when a troop would suffer damage prevent x of that damage where x is equal to the current wave.

Research Engineer joseph nagant: Given to the player who is the science lab in addition to the science lab card. Once per wave when you play a science lab card you may deal 1 revealed enemy x damage where x is equal to the current wave.

Anyone have ideas on how to incorporate all the cards fully without making the game too easy?
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