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Subject: Alien Frontiers: Sticking to Basics rss

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Val Ofiesh
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We only had time for a short, 2-player game today, an hour; so we further reduced conditions from 8 colonies to 6.

I rolled high and opened with no resources, so gathering ore and fuel was a priority. Jordan, starting with 1/1, lucked into doubles and built an extra ship. When he also constructed a colony on the Lunar Mine ahead of me completing any construction, I feared an early set up for resounding loss.

Then, I built a colony on the Asimov Crater (creating a faster build engine) and got an extra ship built...there was hope in my heart and 2-2 on the board.

We were both lucky with doubles, so more ships were built.
Jordan gained the Holographic Deploy to protect his resources, and I took the Alien City tech card. Hmm, that Decoy card would be better on my side, I thought. (And later stole it! )

The next territory to be claimed was the Burrough's Desert, by me...and I took the extra die. Then Jordan built there on his next turn and forced me to surrender a point and a die. Score: 4-3.

The advantage of the Asimov Crater, plus all six ship-dice, helped me take the lead as we continued to battle over Burrough's Desert, because I also took two points from Pohl Foothills and a point with the Alien Sarcophogus.
I had this 9-4 advantage when he rallied: he stole back the Decoy, then my monument (-2), and took control of that central desert (+2 for him).
Ouch, that hurt.
I stole every card back, and he secured his goods in the Null-Time Vault and played the Temporal Warper tech card to re-roll dice. But with the Plasma Cannon (tech card) and my discount for controlling Pohl Foothills, I was able to remove his dice at no charge and open up any spaces I needed. Ore was then easily available, and the Raiders Outpost. A lucky roll of a triple and boom...another colony is placed.

Jordan countered by taking away my control of the Asimov Crater. He used his special access to Van Vogt Mountain/lunar mine co binned with re-roll to build faster (triples) ...the Colony Constructor. Now, it's timing. My building through the standard route racing his luck on re-rolls.

There was just one, slight miscalculated move. He built that last colony ending the game, but no matter where he placed it we would just tie.

End game: 8-8
Tie breaker: Tech Cards 4-2, my favor.
2nd tie breaker (not needed, just bragging): Resouces 4-1... He spent to build that colony, after all.
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