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Subject: Finished some fan sets! (Gundam and Netrunner themed) rss

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Karefa Kargbo
United States
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Hi there! Thanks for checking this out. A while ago, I posted a thread about helping me tweak some designs for some fan cards. Thanks to everyone who gave their thoughts in the old thread. I've been somewhat tweaking them for a bit now, and I think that they're balanced enough to be released in a more playable format (Haven't been able to play recently though, so they're not playtested.), so I thought I would finally post them up with a bit of commentary on them. I generally designed them by thinking of a core concept, and then thinking of card abilities that fit that design concept, with the characters involved influencing both these. I'm not averse to tweaking these further (and I definitely will if I play a game with them), so suggestions for a v2 are appreciated.

Set 1: Newtype Stars:

One of the first two sets I made. In the Universal Century timeline of Gundam, Newtypes are humans who have evolved to adapt to life in space by enhancing their mental abilities. They're able to sense the emotions of others and read their intentions, which many hoped would lead tto greater understanding. In the game, I mechanically adapted this to using opponents' card abilities.

Card 1: Amuro Ray (x3):

The protagonist of the original Mobile Suit Gundam. I figured that, as the most easily identifiable character in the set, he would be best as the most simple character of the set, giving you a play and an action.

Card 2: Rosamia Badam (x2):

Rosamia shows up around the end of Zeta Gundam, claiming to be Kamille's younger sister. However, she's actually a Cyber-Newtype, a person artificially given Newtype powers by the Titans. As a card, she can become a 'younger sister' of an opponent's card, gaining all of it's properties. For balance purposes (mainly remembering that Exaltius exists), the RP that the card may be able to give you is halved.

Card 3: Kamille Bidan (x2):

In the ending of Zeta Gundam, Kamille is able to use his intense emotions (and the Biosensor of the Zeta Gundam) to amplify his suit's abilities. As a card, this allows him to use the flipped cards in your tableau to power up your clash values.

Card 4: Judau Ashta (x2):

The main character of ZZ Gundam, Judau starts out as a junk dealer in the space colony "Shangri-La". Mechanically, he "junks" the opponent's cards for RP.

Card 5: Four Murasame (x1):

Another Cyber-Newtype that appears in Zeta Gundam, this card ability focuses not on the character, but on her powerful mech, the Psyco Gundam. As an ability, you can use the Psyco Gundam to clash with multiple cards in your opponent's tableau.

Deck Box: Unweighed by Gravity (x2):

Now that your cards are unweighed by gravity, they too can use the power of Newtypes! And fly all over the place, because your're not holding them down in anyway. If only there was a kind of box that you could hold your cards in...

Set 2: Celestial Being

This set is based on the protagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Celestial Being, a paramilitary organization that tries to prevent war using the power of their Gundams. I turned this into the card ability 'Armed Intervention', which all of the cards in this set have. However, the benefit's that they give to winners of clashed apply no matter who the winner is, so be careful. This might be more thematic as an 8-star Gold Promo Set, but I'll have to test it first.

Card 1: Saji Crossroad (x3)

Saji is an unfortunate civilian that gets caught up in Celestial Being's plans. His unit, the 0 Raiser, allows him to dock with the 00 Gundam to form the 00 Raiser. As a card ability, you can dock him to your cards to raise their star power and give them 'Armed Interventiaon'.

Card 2: Allelujah Haptism (x2)

It's been a while since I watched Gundam 00, so while I could go on about Allelujah, there's nothing that specifically deals with his card power. It's mostly based on the concept of messing with your opponent's board set up.

Card 3: Setsuna F. Seiei (x2)

The main protagonist of Gundam 00, his Gundam is mostly a melee-based suit. How that relates to star power, I don't know, but it seemed thematic enough.

Card 4: Lockon Stratos (x2)

The sniper of the team, Lockon's power allows you to snipe important card's from your opponent's tableau.

Card 5: Tieria Erde (x1)

Tieria is the pilot of the Gundam Virtue, a suit brimming with firepower. However, his card ability instead deals with the team's supercomputer, Veda. Tieria can use Veda to see the outcome of the next intervention, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Deck Box: Ptolemios (x2)

Celestial Being's base of operations, the Ptolemios allows all of your cards to gain Armed Intervention. With Saji in the game, this card is probably pretty redundant, so I might change it in the future.

Set 3: Power of Zeon

While making the last two sets, someone pointed out a grave mistake that I had made: Not a single member of the Universal Century's iconic villains, the Principality of Zeon. From which birthed this set. In the original show, the Principality's technological prowess allowed them to gain an early lead on the Federation in the One Year War. However, towards the end of the war, their limited resources and internal strife caused them to eventually lose. This translated to spending Rank Points, one of the most important values in the game, for powerful effects. As a side note, finding out about Detective British made me alter/tone down some of the abilities in this set.

Card 1: Ramba Ral (x3)

A soldier aligned with the Principality. His ability is fairly standard.

Card 2: Lalah Sune (x2)

In the original Mobile Suit Gundam, Lalah was a Newtype that Char took under his wing. While I won't go into it further, you can probably guess what happened to her based on her ability.

Card 3: Gihren Zabi (x2)

The de facto leader of the Principality, Gihren Zabi's ability allows him to retain the use of his abilities through spending rank points. I might make this unreducable in the future.

Card 4: Char Aznable (x2)

One of the most popular characters in the series, Char, the Red Comet, is an ace pilot in the Principality. His skills allow his Custom Red Zaku to fly 3 times faster than a regular one, so naturally, he allows you to triple your RP (after you've reduced yours of course). This ability may be a little overly swingy on a loss, but I'll have to test it sometime (A common theme, isn't it.)

Card 5: Colony Drop (x1)

The Principality's signature move! This card may be a little overkill. I tried to make it a decent, somewhat balanced 'last resort' move, allowing you to ruin your opponents' strategies. I'm not sure how to cost this one, so I put up two separate versions.

Deck Box: Sieg Zeon (x2)

Not really a deck box (cause I'm lazy), this card is meant to give a bit of a boost to the abilities of this set by attaching them to a star boost as well.

Set 4: Android Netrunner: Runners

This was the first non-Gundam set I made. This set is based on the 'Run-Action'. In Netrunner, the 'run' is the main way of player interaction, where the runner attempts to break through a corporation's defenses to access a server. In Millennium Blades, I made it so that the 'server' you're running on is the opponent's tableau. Each runner gives you a special effect from running. For which runners to pick, I chose the Core Set runners and the Mini-Faction Runners.

Card 1: Noise

Netrunner has 3 major runner factions, and Noise is a part of the Anarch faction. The Anarchs are mostly based on destruction, whether for the public good or for their own amusement or emotions. Noise's ability in Netrunner let's him place virus counters on cards, which I figured translated pretty well to Star Power.

Card 2: Kate "Mac" McCaffrey

Kate is part of the Shaper faction, a faction which runs as a form of self-expression. Her ability in Millennium Blades is not based very much on her Netrunner ability. It's really just a standard gain RP effect. May be a little strong, may need to tweak.

Card 3: Gabriel Santiago

Gabe is a part of the Criminal faction, a faction which mostly runs for personal profit. Gabe's ability in Netrunner gives him money everytime he is able to infiltrate a Corporation's HQ, which his MB ability is a reflection of. May be a little strong.

Apex is a rouge AI (I think - no one really knows) who's goal is quite simple: Destroy Everything. His card ability is a pretty basic analogue.

Card 5: Adam

Adam is a rouge bioroid who's directives have either been corrupted, changed, or compromised to force him to run. His MB ability is very loosely based on the directive card 'Find the Truth', which in MB, I translated to drawing cards from the store deck.

Card 6: Sunny Lebeau

In Netrunner, Sunny's ability is her high "link" value, which gives her extra protection against traces and allows her to save memory on breakers. In MB, she can give you extra 'cloud' slots.

Set 5: Netrunner Corps

The last set! This set is based on the Corporations of Netrunner. I based these heavily on the original cards, and as a mechanical theme, giving strong ongoing effects, either buffing you or harming opponent strategies. They all have less star power than the usual gold promo, making them easier to counter with flip-clashes.

Card 1: Director Haas

In Netrunner, Director Haas allows you to gain an extra action on your turn. I basically just copied this into MB. As a note, I gave two different wordings for the card. One is easier to parse (in my opinion), while one is more future-proofed.

Card 2: Chairman Hiro

Chairman Hiro's original ability reduced your opponent's hand size. However, due to the way MB works, I figured it would be more fair as an additional cost to actions.

Card 3: Victoria Jenkins

Victoria's ability in Netrunner reduced the amount of actions your opponent could do. In MB, this would mean doing no actions, so I instead gave actions an additional cost.

Card 4: The Board

The Board's original ability reduced opponent's agenda values. In MB, I instead made it to reduce opponent Star-Values. I might make this 1-star rather than 2.

Card 5: Jackson Howard

No relation to J-Dogg Hackson, Jackson's ability lets you swap out flipped cards for others, allowing them to be played again in the future. Note that this does not give you the play effect. This may be changed to a reaction effect in the future, simply because it makes more sense (It breaks the 'theme' of the set.

Card 6: Caprise Nisei

Probably the strangest card I made. In Netrunner, several cards in the Jinteki faction make use of whats called the 'Psi game'. In it, the runner and corp has to spend either 0, 1, or 2 credits, with the corp winning if they spend a different amount. This card allows you to resolve clashes using the psi game method rather than the standard.

Thanks for reading this post, and I hope these cards help tide you over till Set Rotation comes out.
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Travis Merkle
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Kudos on the Netrunner designs. I like how you matched element color to faction color. The abilities look neat too. I get where you were going with Noise, but his ability has to do with trashing in Netrunner.

Any ideas for a Deckbox? A Desparado box that gives you $ for clashing would be neat.
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Karefa Kargbo
United States
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TradenMyr wrote:
Kudos on the Netrunner designs. I like how you matched element color to faction color. The abilities look neat too. I get where you were going with Noise, but his ability has to do with trashing in Netrunner.

Any ideas for a Deckbox? A Desparado box that gives you $ for clashing would be neat.

You're completely right. I was thinking of Grimoire, which isn't even his console. Ah well. There may be some utility in a card which fills the Aftermarket mid match though. Also, the reason the Netrunner sets have no Deck Box is because they're promos.
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Brad Talton
United States
New Mexico
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Very cool! Thanks for posting these–I had fun reading them, and they look great!

Maybe someone at FFG will notice and let us make this Netrunner pack? XD
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