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Subject: Painting guide to Cry Havoc factions - not official rss

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Federico Federico
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Hello form Argentina. First of all my name is Federico (4 you to know who to blame)and this is my intake on the factions.
What I did is tabletop quality, and trying to cut all corners possible but delivering a good quality paint job that is nice to put in play and easy to differentiate from the other factions.
And yes, I know that I´m over zelous in thit intake, but is allways my goal to provide the best gaming experience to drunk folks who are gaming at 3 am and have problems identifying things.
Well, this is my brief guide, with some pictures:

Note - Every paint I call is a Citadel paint unless stated otherwise. You can work with any brand, I do these couse their are easy to get when someone travels (they are impossible or impossibly expensive to find in my country).

These where the first I painted, couse they are plain easy. One of the things that made me deviate from the manual images was that the sculpt ended being rocky like when finished in the grey colors that are depicted.
So, I went green. For these I used:
Medium grey Rustoleum primer (for a more realistic and opaque look).
Waarg Flesh green as base color.
Agrax Earshade as first wash.
Warboss Green as first layer.
Agrax Earthshade as second shade (dilutted with Lhamian medium).
Warboss Green Mixed with Flash Gitz Yellow (2-1) for the second and final layer.
The mouth and eyes where washed with a purple wash (equal parts of Carrobourg Crimson and Guilliman blue).
The theeth I painted with Yriel Yellow and higlights of flash Gitz, and the eyes are a simple drop of Evil Sunz scarlett Red.

Second factions to do.
Medium grey Rustoleum primer.
Necron compund drybrush as base.
First wash of Nuln Oil.
Second wash of Agrax Earthshade to give a more used look (I prefer this to mixing them.
Leadbelcher for first higlights.
Runefang steel for second higlights only on the legs and details on the upper side.
For the red I went with Mephiston red (2 layers), first higlights in evil sunz scarlet and second of wild rider red.
Check to higlight the front of the machine, as it takes the attention far from any other thing and gives some "face" to the piece.

For these guys I went for a more snakey look.
Whithe matte Rustoleum primer.
A very dilluted mix of violet and dark blue (told you citadel paintings are difficult to get)wich is very light when applied. If you are carefull this can be the color of the pipes, is very nice when the other colors are applied to the rest of the mini.
Mix of black and light grey paintings (from a local brand)for the pipes, mask, and backpack.
Drakenhof nightshade and carrobourg crimson as the shade, wich compliments the base violet colour for a nice tornasol effect.
I then made a first higlight of altoorf guard blue, being carefull on not going into the recesses for the violet to emerge as shade.
then I did a second higlight of Calgar blue in three steps, going for a reduced area each time to make a shinier look only over the places that the light would hit.
The guilleman blue glaze tied all the higlights together, but i did another wave of very small higligsts after with the same calgar blue but a very thin one.
For the lower part of the backpak I went for 2 hands of Calgar blue w-o shade. The back was too dark as it was and needed a lighter feel to it.
For the skin I went with Kishlev flesh in the face. No shades, only a drop of calgar blue for the eyes.
The hands have 2 colors: the back part is base Mournfang brown, with a Reikland Fleshshade wash and 2 layers of Skraag and Deathcloud brown. I did that too for the tail, but with an Agrax Earthshade wash.
The front part has a XV-88 base, Reikland Fleshshade wahs and highlights of XV-88 and Zandri Dust.
Then I used a leadbelcher almost drybrush for the pipes, followed by a nuln oil shade and leadblecher higlights (didn´t wanted to be too bright and recall attention from the face).
All grey parts where higlighted with Dawnstone

Here I shortcutted a lot!
White rustoleum matte primer.
Dark grey over legs, knees, mask and feet.
2 Seraphim Sepia covers for the shiny golden look to the armor.
Lighter grey for the Hilights over the cited places.
A drop of Mephistan red and a tad of Bloodletter glaze for the light effect.
Auric Armour gold for the higlights (yes, I know i went gold, so sue me).
For the eyes I chose to go for only 1 (left one) and did a Ceramite white drop, Calgar blue smaller drop, Guilliman blue glaze, Runefang Steel mixed with Calgar blue even smaller drop, another Guilliman blue glaze and a single point of pure runefang steel on top of all that.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the small tutorial. It tooked me around 15 hours to complete it. It was fun work, and very appreciated by the players.

Have fun!

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Mitch White
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Great work. Hopefully during the holidays and a few eggnogs I can get this done.
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Federico Federico
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I hope it too. Post the pictures too!
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