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Gentlemen - at ease!

I hear that you have just started playing Warfighter WWII and you are wanting some help with a play through.

No problem!

Set out your game as below,
then start a thread here with a Subject - "<Your BGG id> WF WWII Play Through help please"

Post the below and your first draw of action cards for
#1 Kasinski (6 health): <cards>
#2 McDougall (5 health): <cards>
If either/both expend one or more canteens (etc) for more cards, list those cards as well.

Then wait a couple of hours-days and someone will post to discuss your first soldier turn.
This can go back and forth till you are happy to continue on your own or with limited assistance.


"<Your BGG id> WF WWII Play Through help please"
Setting: Core Game only - Europe - Front line German Hostiles - US Soldiers
Mission: Country Stroll
Objective: Bunker Clearing

W-21 - Country Stroll Mission
Resources: 48
Time: 11
Objective: #6
Loadout: ‐1
Special: Move the Timer counter backward 1
Space each time you play a Nature card.

W-26 Bunker Clearing Objective
Clear the Bunker: Cover 4, 1 Hit.
Hostiles screen.
Bunker can only be Attacked from Range 0.

You will have on average 2 turns per location.
Longer if you play Nature Locations.
A satchel charge would be optimal for clearing the bunker - but equally you could do it with small arms and grenades, just with less certainty, either way you will have to have a soldier on the objective to do the clearing.
In selecting the US section - for action cards 2 Player Soldiers as section leader and second, for Fire Support a Non Player Soldier with LMG and Squad Soldier Loader, 2-4 NPS and/or Squad soldiers for assault.
For Anti Tank - I'll take a satchel charge - a bazooka with a couple of rockets is an alternative - I'll want to check LO.
Points may be tight - I'll consider taking Panic for all but the LMG gunner.

Plan - Advance in bounds, utilizing the LMG to SUPP/EKIA while the rest assault.

Team Selection - 48 RP
#1 PS Kasinski RP=9 + M1 Rifle (2), 2 Canteens (2), 2 Grenades (2), Panic (-1) = 14
#2 PS McDougall RP=8 + M1 Carbine (2), 2 Canteens (2), 1 M17 Rifle Grenade (1), 1 Satchel Charge (3) = 16
#3 NPS Scanlan RP=8 M1918A2 Machine Gun etc
#4 SqS Roble RP=3 Loader + Panic (-1) = 2
#5 NPS Allen RP=7 M1 Carbine, 2 Grenades, Close Combat + Panic (-1) = 6
#6 SqS Smith RP=2 + Panic (-1) = 1
#7 SqS Taylor RP=1
=48 RP

I'm tempted to take His Number Was Up for Smith and Taylor.. but that is risky with so many soldiers who would Panic and would mean two less canteens/grenades.. anyhow I promised their mothers I'd get them home..


#1 Kasinski (6 health): <cards>
#2 McDougall (5 health): <cards>
If either/both expend one or more canteens (etc) for more cards, list those cards as well.

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