Eric Kai Ho Chan
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Hi there,

I had been looking for a city destruction cooperative game (so not King of Tokyo/NY). And Smash Monster Rampage caught my eyes. Sounds like a fun game with some good laughs. =)

But I read that it doesn't actually support 5 players. Firstly at 5 players, 1 of the player has to control the monster. Secondly the game actually only support 2 players and so players #3 and 4 has to take turn with the first 2 players. =(

My question is if I buy 2 boxes of this game and combine them, will this game then support 4 players? I plan to put the two city boards together and put in 2 monsters. So it will be 4 players vs 2 monsters, with some house rules.

Will this work? I have never actually played this game so please forgive my ignorance. =)

Also is it worth investing into the Mega Monster Box? I read that it gives you 16 new monsters. But does these 16 monsters really offer a new game play experience? Or are they pretty much just a repeat with minor change?

Lastly I know this game is designed for kids. But we are wondering if there are enough strategic depth in this game for even adults to think and enjoy.

Any other games similar to Smash Monster Rampage that is worth considering for us?

Thanks for your advice!

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Kolja Geldmacher
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Hey Eric,
First of all combining two copies does not work in terms of altering how 4 player style works.The players will still alternate turns. Nevertheless I found it enjoyable and even 1vs4 mode as the monster is fun. And the expansion is a must! Every monster feels different because of there decks. Each one has a different "damage/movement algorithm" and gives a very unique experience. I definitely like it as a solo game and all the way up to 5 players!
Have fun
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