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Just because IAFL’s KS Campaign is over doesn’t mean I can’t finish up this Campaign that’s back-to-back with HLCAO! And also, I’ll keep on doing this to build up hype for Sherman Leader’s coming Kickstarter Campaign!

Rapid Deployment Force Commander's Report
Name: Richard "Daredevil" Cutler
Rank: Colonel

October 16th, 2001

Day Four – Retribution or Bust

Starting SOs: 5

Our brothers at sea scored another great victory by sinking a Syrian missile boat fleet while the Admiral’s perfectly-timed cruise missile strike really put the hurt on the enemy. I was going to once again play the part of a Daredevil. I’d strike three Battalions again, in order to keep down the pressure. One of them was the Fast Assault Battalion that barely survived yesterday… I was going to make good on my promise to finish it off. Permanently.

Sortie #01 – Fast Assault (9A)

Enemies Encountered
1x Tank
1x Truck

Shadow’s Armaments

2x AGM-114
2x LAU-61
1x LAU-68

A SAM Vehicle attempted to get the drop on Shadow, but his Hellfires stopped it cold.

Shadow started the mission with a bang, blasting the surviving tank with a full rocket salvo from one of his LAU-61 pods.

Then after traversing at High Altitude for a little while, he found the Truck in cover and descended downwards to destroy it. It was easy to do with the aid of a full rocket salvo from the second LAU-61 pod. The Battalion that survived yesterday met its end. Now Gator and Zinger would take on the Supply Convoy.


Meanwhile, we received another friendly supply convoy rolling into Hatzor AB. I guarantee it'd be just what we need to keep us in the game.

Shadow: 5

Shadow: 3

Sortie #02 – Supply Convoy (2S)

Enemies Encountered
4x APC
8x Trucks

Gator’s Armaments
2x BGM-71
2x LAU-61

I was able to get on the horn with the MLRS Battalion again, and they positioned themselves to strike the Convoy. The Rockets destroyed three of the Trucks and one of the APCs. And best yet, the Scout came back with good reconnaissance, giving my boys more than enough time to destroy the Battalion.

Zinger’s AC-130 took out two of the Trucks and an APC while Gator obliterated a Truck with a TOW.

Then Zinger blasted two more Trucks while Gator took down the third APC on the east side with a salvo of rockets.

Gator took down the last of the Trucks with a TOW, and the last APC moved out of cover.

Gator unloaded the last of his rockets, annihilating the APC.


AAA attempted to get the jump on my guys, but Gator’s last TOW put a stop to that. Now my remaining boys went after the Syrian Mixed Force.


Gator: 3
Zinger: 4

Sortie #03 – Mixed Force (4A)

Enemies Encountered
2x Helicopter
2x Tank
2x Command
4x APC
4x SPA

Montana and Hammer’s Armaments
2x AGM-114
2x LAU-61
2x AIM-92

MQ-1’s Armaments
2x AGM-114

A recent UAV flyover gave us some good targeting information, coupled with some adequate recon data from the 2nd Scout.

Montana shot down the first of the two Syrian Hinds with a Stinger, while Hammer and the Drone took down both Command Vehicles, a Tank and one of the APCs.

The second round saw Hammer acing the second Hind, the Drone destroying the first of the SPAs with a Hellfire, and Montana nailed the second APC with two rocket salvos.

Hammer missed with four salvos [2 salvos per pod] on a SPA, but Montana used full rocket fire on another to destroy it.

Hammer nails his SPA with cannon fire, while Montana goes after an APC with two rocket salvos. The second salvo annihilates the APC.

The second Tank moved out of cover, enabling Montana to destroy it with a Hellfire while Hammer used up the last of his rockets on the last SPA. The Battalion was considered destroyed, thus all aircraft proceeded to Egress.


I received a handwritten note that a Pilot was reporting for duty effective tomorrow… I was anxiously anticipating who it was…

Hammer: 4
Montana: 3

Hammer: 5 [Promoted to Average!]
Montana: 8 [Promoted to Veteran!]

Enemy Rear Battalions

1A Holds
5A Advances

Enemy Transit Battalions
5A Holds
12A Advances
4S Holds [Due to Being a Fixed Battalion]
3C Advances
4C Holds

Frontline Battalions
8A Advances

Remaining SOs: 6 [due to Repairing the remaining Damages on my Aircraft]
Victory Points: 17

-Promotion Ceremony: Hammer and Montana-
Hammer and Montana, you worked especially well as a team. You did outstanding work with that Mixed Force, which should demoralize the Syrian Army for some time. The former will be promoted to 1st Lieutenant. While you, Montana, are hereby promoted to Major.

With that Scout Force inside our Transit Lines and two Battalions close behind in the Front Lines… I must decide whether to hit two or three of them. We can’t let them advance any further, or there’ll be real problems for us.

This is Colonel “Daredevil” Cutler, signing off. Tomorrow, could very well be the turning point in our war against the Syrians and Egyptians. No matter how many Enemy Battalions I choose to strike, it’ll be a mad dog’s run.
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