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Rescue Rebel Operatives
Mission Background: A team of Rebel Operatives has squawked a distress signal from the Argus system. They're asking for fighter escort back to base.
Primary Objective: Meet up with and protect a HWK-290, escort her back to base.

Boomerang Squad I Mission Participants:
Slo-Mo (Y-Wing), Chulo (X-Wing), Foh-kus (X-Wing), Broheim (X-Wing), Gutz (HWK-290), and Sred (X-Wing)

We had to scramble quickly to rescue our rebel operatives in their damaged HWK-290, the "Cooper." They had managed to escape to neutral territory, but their hyperdrive was offline and their sensor array was damaged. Imperial TIE Fighters were in pursuit. Our job was to protect the "Cooper" and take out as many Imperial TIE Fighters as we could.

When we came into sensor range we discovered that two TIE squads were already in place, bracketing the "Cooper" in a classic pincer position. Alpha squad was to the right, and Beta squad to the left. In a daring move, the "Cooper" flew directly towards Alpha squad, in the hope that they would fly right by without being able to take a shot. It worked! The "Cooper" then turned towards our reinforcements. Four of our six squad-mates had set up along the edge of the encounter area, hoping to meet up with the "Cooper" as soon as possible. Slo-Mo and Gutz took a more central approach, with Slo-Mo intending to clog up the middle with his cluster mines.

Beta squad pursued from their corner of the encounter area, but they got hung up in the middle of Alpha squad's K-Turns. Despite that, a few TIEs managed desperate shots on the HWK, stripping a shield.

On turn three an Elite Interceptor appeared. Chu-lo knocked them down with Proton Torpedoes / Guidance Chips and they were taken out the next round. Chulo lost a shield or two in the exchange. Losing a few shields is a decent price to pay for taking out an Elite.

Foh-kus took advantage of the densely packed Alpha Squad and let loose his Ion Torpedoes. Alpha was having a rough time... first they flew by the "Cooper" without a shot, then their K-turns messed up the approach vector for Beta Squad, and finally they got ionized by Foh-kus and were forced to waste a round of movement clearing their ions.

Slo-Mo, Foh-kus, Sred, and Guts all ended up in the middle of the TIE cluster while Chulo and Broheim were outside the immediate combat zone, escorting the "Cooper" down the side of the encounter area. Slo-Mo looked around, saw TIEs everywhere, and decided to drop a Thermal Detonator. Unfortunately for him (and for Foh-kus) the TIE formation opted for a slow bank and Sred followed. Everybody ended up right in front of Slo-Mo! As a result, he was unable to get out of the way of his own bomb... and Foh-kus was caught in the backlash as well.

The "Cooper" finally managed to clear her damaged sensor array as she continued limping down the side. In a second bold move she pushed her engines to the limit, darting four straight in an attempt to distance herself from the pursuing TIE squads that seemed determined to take her down. The "Cooper" was being protected by both Broheim and Chulo at this point, but even after the stressful reach move, she was still losing shields to long-distance shots.

A third TIE squad appeared, but their approach vector had them coming in clear across the board, with the entire asteroid field (and Slo-Mo's cluster mines) in between them and their intended target. A second Interceptor also appeared.

Despite the new arrivals, our squad was confident as the "Cooper" was just a few short maneuvers away from escaping the encounter area. Chulo broke off his escort duties to send another round of Proton Torpedoes at the new Interceptor. Sred was trailing the pursuing TIEs, trying to pick them off from behind.

The "Cooper" fled the engagement in turn 8, and we spent the remainder of the turn trying to finish off the damaged TIE fighters before joining the "Cooper" in the flight back to base. Boomerang Squad had successfully rescued our rebel operatives!

Commander Debrief:

Gentlemen, that's the kind of result we're looking for. Nobody got shot down, although a few of you took some significant damage. Broheim, I understand you had to eject your astromech? We'll get you set up with a replacement as soon as possible. Slo-Mo, I understand your wing took some fairly substantial damage as well. You're in luck, as we just had two other damaged Y's come in so we have a wealth of parts. You might even see if you can grab an upgrade or two from what's left.

Sred, from the looks of things, did you even get shot at? No damage? Nice flying rookie! I guess you're not a rookie anymore. Oh, and I have some great news for you - your requested transfer to a B-Wing can be granted as we just got two ships back online.

Foh-kus - nice shooting, once again evaded. It's becoming something of a tradition, but one you'll have to figure out. Those Ion Torps though... nice placement.

Slo-Mo, I'm now being told some of the damage to your ship looks less like blaster damage and more like thermal detonator residue. Is that true?

The intelligence that we have acquired about the Imperial operations in the Argus system is being processed as we speak. We have also just received word that Imperial forces are mounting search and rescue operations, looking for Moff Jenkens. We're going to take the Moff's shuttle out and activate her distress beacon, while you wait in ambush positions. This is an opportunity to get the enemy to come to us, on our terms. Let's not waste it!

Pilots, dismissed.

Broheim, Captain Marsh of the "Cooper" wanted to extend her personal thanks for your escort out of the combat zone. I asked her to put in a good word for you and your squad with Captain Harris...
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