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Subject: Infantry assaulting MG42 position rss

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Jason Lewandowski
United States
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This article is an attempt to show an infantry assault on an MG nest
and possible ways to tackle the problem as well as show the mechanics
of the game and some of the agonizing decisions that have to be made
each impulse.

The situation:
A platoon of airborne troopers need to advance and/or occupy the
building where they find a German squad manning an MG42. While sitting
in the heavy stone building, the squad enjoys a +4 defensive modifier to
their die roll when under incoming fire. This means they are going to
be diffcult to shake and therefore the assault will probably not be easy.

Shake the squad and assualt using melee to destroy them. This would
probably be the best choice if we were able to muster enough firepower
to shake them. In order to do so in 1 turn, we would need 1 airborne
squad waiting while the other 2 combine their firepower to attempt the
shake result.

1. In this option, the squad with the BAR, one other squad and the leader
join together to fire at the MG nest. Remember that in order to fire
at a hex, it must be spotted. So, best case scenario, our leader is able
to spot the hex, then immediately fires with the other 2 squads, gets a shaken
result, then later in the turn the other squad can assault the position and
take our the German Squad.

If that fire results in shaking the MG squad, the remaining airborne squad can
cross the road and easily take them out in a melee (shaken squads are
automatically eliminated in melee).

2. Another option, would be to attempt the road crossing without worrying about
shaking the MG squad first, and attempting to engage in melee combat, or being
able to assault move and fire a bit closer!

Of course, this option opens your squads up to fire from the MG42, but sometimes
the best course is to force his hand. In this case, assault moving each squad
individually would allow the MG42 to target only one of the 3, and you could
get 2 shots against him from adjacent hexes.

3. And another option is to go around the edge of the building and attempt to
engage the MG squad from behind and in the building, but this is usually not
feasible as an MG nest is not normally quite so isolated.

Let's take a look at my attempt at the first two of these strategies and the results.

Option 1: My first attempt at shaking the MG squad. In order to attempt
a shot at the defender, I first must spot the hex. To spot a hex in blocking
terrain, I choose a unit and must roll a 2 or less. If using a leader,
I get to subtract the leaders leadership rating from the roll.
My spotting attempt roll: 1
Spotting attempt was a success!

Immediately I fire with the squads in K1.
5 + die roll (4) = 9 vs. 4 + die roll (6) = 10
9 < 10 therefore, no effect. Because I was unable to get a shaken effect,
it will add a whole turn to my assault attempt as it would be suicide to send
the lone squad across the road. As you can see, it is not always so easy to get
a favorable effect. At this point, my squads in K1 would be spotted (due to firing)
and the MG would most likely open fire on them. In any case, my attack is stalled
due to poor die rolling and I would likely be stuck waiting another turn before
pursuing this avenue again.

Let's try option 2:
A slightly different starting set up.

J1 assault moves to J2.
Our German player decides to wait at this time, so the US player
decides to fire with the squad that assault moved. (Remember the German
squad is now spotted as it is adjacent to the assaulting squad). No effect
per the pic.

So squad in L2 attempts an assault move from L2 - L3 - K3.
(He can do this as a squad can move up to 1/2 of its movement points and
still assault fire).
Although the assaulting squad got a damage check, the German player rolled a
1 and caused no effect, in addition, he gets to try to create a hero since he
rolled a 1 for DC. He rolls a 4 (on even number hero is created) and things
suddenly look worse for the US.

Now that the first 2 squads failed in their shake attempts, it is the US player
decision to either attempt to cause some damage from the safety of his building,
or to attempt to move forward and attempt another assault move. In this case, because the
German player actually gained another piece, the attempt to cross the open
road would not be a good idea, so he decides to shoot from there.

He fires and gets a 7. The defender rolls with die roll (6) + 4 = 10.
Again, 7 < 10, so no effect.

As you can see, not much was accomplished in either option in taking out the
MG nest. My opinion is that the first option is really the better of the 2,
but sometimes you just don't have enough time to sit and take pot shots at
each other inside of the buildings.

Hopefully this served as a quick study in the mechanics of the game, the
decisions needed to be made by each player each impulse, and how tough it
is to take out a well placed MG42 nest!
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Thomas Granvold
United States
Santa Clara
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This is a tough task that the American's have been asked to accomplish! Both sides have equal firepower, but the German's just need to sit in their building where it is relativly safe. The American's on the other hand need to get across the road. If the American's can all make then they have a slight advantage in melee, and in any case melee can tie up the German's for a turn or more.

Two thoughts:

1 - First instead of using assualt movement, forgo the American's fire during movment and instead intend to move into the same building that the German's are in. Move the squads one at a time, so that the German's will only get one shot. If they shot at a squad in the street, they will likely shake it, but the other squads will then make it across.

If the German's wait then the American's can all go into the same building hex adjacent to the German's, they are in a good position to melee the German's next turn. The German fire then is at multiple American units with the adjacent advantage, but the American's then have the advantage of the building cover.

2 - An American squad can attempt to lay smoke. If successful then that can give the other American squads a path to cross the street without the German's being able to fire on them.

In any case the American's are going to have to take risks in order to take out the machine gun nest quickly. If luck goes their way they can do it, otherwise it ain't goin' to happen.
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Jason Lewandowski
United States
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Thanks for the addition Thomas!

On your #1, yes that is another option, but I hate having multiple units in an adjacent hex subject to the firepower of the MG42. If the German player is patient, he can also wait and get the +1 movement bonus against the adjacent hex as well (if firing in the same turn they move into the hex). But you are correct, possibly the airborne troopers best hope of living is to get inside that building!

Smoke is another good option. For some reason, I have terrible luck rolling for smoke and rarely get a positive effect. I might have to re-evaluate my use of smoke.
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olivier revenu
Pyrennees atlantiques
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The kamikaze option : it can be valuable if J3 is a crucial victory hexe at the end of a game for example and wich works if you're in a lucky day.
Beginning from your "option2" setup.
The US squad move from J1 to J2. If the MG doesn't fire, continue the move and attack in melee. Your paras will surely not survive. Then send all the other paras in reinforcement, and benefit of the +1 for a 1vs1 melee (Ouch!) at the next turn.
If the MG fires in J2 to avoid the melee, your paras will be shaken or worst. Then send all the other paras in melee and resolve it now.
Brutal and deseperate, but valuable if you have no time.

Nice article, Jason
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Adrian B
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Excellent article thanks! In my limited experience I also have terrible luck rolling for smoke which can waste several turns. In any case it woudl only give a small (?+1) terrain bonus in this situaton and not block the attack. Also I agree having a stack of units adjacent to a MG42 is a potential disaster - bonuses for being adjacent, for moving and for opportunity fire - ouch!.
The 'kamikazee' option may be the best as time is usually short!
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