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Subject: On an express elevator to hell rss

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After the great escape in my last session report (“Facehugger to the rescue”), I sat down with the same friend for a 2 player co-op session of the second movie scenario. We again used the drone setup from the LE Predator game. He took the Scout and I took the Medic and we dropped onto LV-426.

Objective 1 went by without problems, we recruited some sergeants and a couple of decent characters from the HQ. We killed the colonist hosts before they could pop and give us more trouble from the Hive. So far it was another glorious day in the Corps.

Things got out of control quickly during Objective 2 because of all the events and hazards that push the Hive forward and give double strikes. A couple of beefy aliens entered the Combat Zone and they hurt us some more. We did manage to find Newt in time to gain her and we set up the sentry guns in the Airlock and the Med-Lab, which are great rooms for them because you have more turns to see the Hive coming into them.

My friend then received the inevitable facehugger, which he was unable to kill on his turn. On my turn I was forced to discard 3 cards from my hand because of 2 nasty strikes, which left me with only 1 attack power: insufficient to kill his facehugger. Like last session, he was impregnated with a chestburster. On that same that turn he encountered another facehugger, which jumped onto me. Luckily my pregnant friend was able to kill my facehugger. From then on the xenos left him alone, but because of the hazard that gives double strikes he was killed before the chestburster could even pop.

I thought it was game over, but it turned out I had an okay deck at this point which allowed me to recruit, scan and kill some more. Of course that creep Burke turned on me and blocked HQ recruitment for a couple of turns. When he walked into the Med-Lab with the sentry gun though, I had enough attack power to turn him into dogmeat which was very satisfying. Thanks in part to my avatar ability and Newt (healing strikes and drawing extra cards), I managed to survive some more rounds and got to reveal the Queen in the Complex.

The Queen captured a sergeant and a 5 cost Hicks card. Just great, now I needed to “rebuy” them to free them before I could kill the Queen. I was able the free Hicks, but not the sarge. By this point I suffered a massive blow to the head, a strike that took half my health away. I also had two smaller strikes that could not be healed at all. This turned out to be too much. Midway during Objective 3, I was killed by the aliens in the Combat Zone.

We lost, but it was still very fun. It was a tough scenario, but I feel that if things went just a little bit different, a win was possible. You never know exactly when and how the game will end. This makes it enjoyable even when you’re the first to die. I *love* the game!
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