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Carl Parsons
United States
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Day 1

At this point we started our Road Kill campaign. This game feels very much
like a cross-country road race Mad Max style. It is essentially a card game
where some of the cards become the terrain we must cross to reach the finish
line. Each race is eight cards and a campaign is several races. The campaign
is especially interesting because prior to each race every player can
purchase one upgrade for their vehicle that allows them a special ability
that no one else has.

All players are constantly jockeying for position, trying to knock each other
out of the race, or repairing damage from any number of calamities that could
befall you. I was the start player for the first race (and every subsequent
race, for that matter). I hopped on the first section and raced away. Ken was
quick to follow me but an event caused him to have to stop his car. My car
has the ability that allows me to continue to play cards after I've stopped
my car (no one else can do that). In my rearview mirror I witnessed Ken's
calamity so I thought I would be a Good Samaritan and stop to help him. It
turned out that he had a flat tire. While he was changing his flat I thought
he might need the use of my Philips head screwdriver. I put it tip first into
his radiator hose where he would be sure to find it. While I was being the
kind neighbor that I am, all of the other cars passed us sitting on the side
of the road. Teach me to be helpful.

Ken and I eventually got started on the road again but Ken appeared to be
having a problem with his engine coolant. What bad luck! He managed to fix
the leak eventually. Good thing he had my screwdriver on hand.

We found ourselves traveling through some long and rough terrain. We had to
spend a lot of gas to get through the terrain. A convenient rest stop served
to fuel us up again, which we all decided to stop at. This gave everyone time
to catch up to the pack and the race was on. Tim was the first to leave the
rest area but he made a wrong turn. He ended up going down a dead-end road
and had to backtrack. Meanwhile Ken and I regained our lead and Max assumed
his rightful position, dead last. The race continued without much change and
I was able to win the first leg.

We raced another leg of the campaign after buying some more upgrades. I spent
money on putting a shell of armor around my car. With all of the bullets
flying around the track I figured I had to do something. Especially with Ken
sporting a 20mm turret, a new computer guidance system (allowing him to take
time from driving to shoot) and a grudge for my lending him my screwdriver.
Some people are never happy.

The second race was more of the same. Shooting, tire spikes, sabotage and
mayhem everywhere. We thought we were driving through a desert because we
kept seeing a car that looked like Max's Dallara in front of us. We assumed
it was a mirage and acted that way. On the last stretch before the finish
line, Ken made one last ditch effort to win, but was thwarted by the Max
mirage. Max actually won a race. After my great showing in the first race I
managed a distant fourth. It's the accumulation of points that counts
though. Max is now the cup leader with 9 points. Ken, Tim and I all have 7
and Elliot has 5. We are nowhere near completing this and I look forward to
my next upgrade. We've decided to gang up on Max too.

Day 2

We then proceeded with day two of our Roadkill campaign. With my poor showing
from the last race I was determined to do better. I figured with Max winning
the race whatever happened then was a fluke and extremely unlikely to be

I was lucky with the cards I drew and was able to get onto the first track
right away. Max managed to seriously damage Elliot's car while passing him at
the starting gate. With all of the shooting going on behind me I continued to
advance in the race. I pulled two tracks ahead of the second place driver and
kept that distance for six out of seven legs. I was getting the right cards I
needed and managed to avoid any bad events. The rest of the pack were
struggling to catch up. Ken was the leader of the pack behind me.

Ken's upgrade, a supercharger, gave him a nice turbo-boost at several
opportune moments. This was why he was in second place. It used a lot of gas,
however, and his run for the race was shortened by having to make a pit stop
and refuel. He couldn't recover from that.

As I was entering the seventh and penultimate leg I made a grave error. I
stopped for gas not realizing that I didn't need to. This caused me to lose
two turns to the rest of the pack and allow them to catch up. Elliot,
recovered from his earlier mishap, was the first to enter the track behind
me. Tim was soon to follow.

Before I could make the final attempt to finish the race Elliot passed me and
made his attempt to end the race. As he was heading for the finish line he
must have misread the road signs because he made a wrong turn and ended up in
a side canyon. Tim's efforts to lead him along the right path were for
naught. Again, before I finish the race Tim passed me and made his attempt.
This time it was successful. This placed Tim and I within a single race
victory from claiming the cup championship.

The second race of the day was much worse. My luck of drawing cards rivaled
Max's card-drawing ability and I was soon left behind in a cloud of dust. Ken
again upgraded his vehicle between races, as we all did. This time he bought
himself a nuclear fuel cell. There would be no running out of gas for him
anymore. His combination of upgrades are now really potent and he stormed out
to a lead. He didn't make the crucial error that I did and he was able to win
the race easily. At the last minute I passed Max and Elliot for third to
somewhat redeem an otherwise dismal race.

With the win Ken can now win the cup championship with another race victory.
With his upgrade combination he is the sure favorite and designated target
for what should be the last set of races next week.

Day 3

What would turn out to be our final race of the campaign was started with much fanfare. The leader and everyone' s favorite driver, me, started the race without event. I left the starting gates and entered the first cross country leg. I noticed that the roadsigns were slightly confusing so I stopped to fix them for my fellow drivers. I wouldn't want to see them get lost or anything. As I found out later my fix made things worse for everyone instead of making them easier as I had intended. Oops, my bad. Everyone was thrown off by my mistake and lost cards, except for Max. Apparently Max's GPS system allows him to drive without roadsigns or maps, and apparently without conscience as you'll see later.

The race continued unabated except for the occasional gun fire or grenade explosion. Ken took some hits from Max who had finally discovered that guns have sights and can be aimed. He managed to ding up Ken's car a little, knock out his headlights and flatten one of his tires. As Ken was fixing his flat the rest of us were stopping at a rest stop to fuel up and bondo our own cars. I had some shrapnel in my car's underbelly that I had to extract in an excrutiatingly slow process. While I was under my car, minding my own business, the ever spiteful Max tried to clean my headlights with his tire iron. I discovered this evil deed as I was pulling out of the rest stop. It was night time and I had no lights to drive by. I almost spunout when I missed the road taking a sharp turn. I recommend never taking a road trip with Max.

It was night time and two of the five drivers were driving without headlights. We still had the important stuff though, machine guns and hand grenades. Tim and Elliott managed to pull ahead of the pack with me driving cautiously in third. Ken limped into the rest stop to fix his roadster. The damage was so extensive that he elected to fix only the most heavily damaged areas and get back into the race. Max, who was still at the rest stop for some reason, had a devious, if not original, plan. He would sabotage Ken's car. As fate would have it Ken came upon Max attempting his dirty deed and shooed him off with some shots into the air. Max was undeterred and managed to sneak back for another attempt. This time Ken was in the loo and Max had free reign to do what he could. Max thought hard about what he could do and, without much ingenuity, grabbed his tire iron and struck for the headlights. Again. Although showing a decided lack of inventiveness he did show some effectiveness. Because Ken had no headlights from one of Max's earlier attacks, Max's tire iron struck against much more valuable components sitting just behind the headlight cavity. Ken's ultra-modern computer guidance system was demolished. Max jumped in his car and sped off leaving Ken to wonder who would hate him so much.

Meanwhile Tim was speeding along and entered the final leg of the race with Elliot right behind him. Elliot managed to sideswipe Tim as he was passing and knocked out his headlights (it's a recurring nightmare), and his front left tire. This left Tim at the side of the road looking for his spare. I was able to pass Tim before he knew it and then pass Elliott not much further down the road. The finish line was in sight. I sped along and celebrated the victory... It was an oasis, and I was on the wrong road. I guess the strain of driving all night with no head lights caused my eyes to see something that wasn't there. I was lost and had no time to get my bearings. The race was lost to me. Ken managed to catch everyone and pass them. Max was still back at the rest stop eating a cheeseburger or something. Sometimes his motivation comes into question.

Elliott made one stab at finishing the race but managed to get clipped by Ken's hubcap blades. Elliott and Ken were slowed just enough to allow Tim to pass them both and claim the race and the cup. We had a great time with this campaign. I really thought Ken would win the race with the combination of upgrades he had but he couldn't avoid the deviousness of Max. I managed to finish second in the point standings with Ken right behind me.
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