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Subject: [SPOILERS] The Province of Mainframe, Game 5 rss

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...Markets Tremble
...the Power of the Ancients is revealed
...and new markets are discovered

Welcome to another Seafall session report! At the start of this game, each of the other players was more than 25 points behind me, but in this game, their play tightened up considerably, and I came last while the birthday girl ended up winning!

As before, I will not be hiding SPOILERS, so continue at your own risk!

At the dawn of the first year, the Pirate King once again Demanded Gold. After hiring Ray Tracer (The Navigator) for later employmeny, Dot ordered most of the treasury emptied to upgrade the Saucy Mare (Bold) before sailing forth. For once it was not sufficient, and the Pirates raided two gold from Mainframe’s vault.

Not slaked by our meager treasury, the Pirate King Demanded Tribute of goods. Thus far, he has not been able to claim any from the provinces, as none of the provinces have been keeping a stockpile. Dot hired on the young Curious George (Powder Monkey), who was immediately employed to raise some taxes as the ships continued to sail towards the island of Amity.

The Restless Bones awakened once more, but our ships were already far from their resting place and they found other prey. We hired Nick Fury (The Soldier’s Patron) for later use, and employed Ray Tracer to perform some research and lead an exploratory expedition at Amity. He discovered there an iron market not far from a wood market discovered by another province. These were the first two markets yet discovered on farther shores! Of course, they had to use a show of force to quiet the natives and claim some iron from the market. We also made use of our Ancient Tablet to bring good fortune in the future.

The Pirate King began Demanding Respect! Fortunately, Mainframe was currently beneath his notice. Meanwhile, another Tomb of the Ancients had been discovered, and after careful consideration, Dot sent Nick Fury and Megabyte (The Convict) to lead another expedition against some monstrous creatures found within. They emerged victorious, recovering a stash of goods that unfortunately exceeded our holds.

A wave of Opulence swept the mainland as three other provinces recovered priceless artifacts from the Tomb! Leicester claimed the Horn of Plenty, R’lyeh recovered the Golden Idol (revealing the Power of the Ancients!), and Prenderthale acquired an Eroded Tablet, leaving the Tomb barren and empty. As such, we sailed back to Stygios and upgraded the SS Doyle (Fearless) in order to be better prepared for future endeavors.

A wave of Anguish swept the mainland, but it was not enough to stop the people from holding Market, and offering an increased price for any goods we wished to sell. Though she was tempted to sail home and sell her remaining goods at this time, Dot ultimately decided to keep her ships exploring the far shores. While the exact records of her orders at this time have been lost, it is known that our ships arrived safely at the island of Bermuda, where another Tomb was discovered.

The winter passed uneventfully, and restocked our coffers.

The wave of Anguish dissipated, but the Market continued. We chose to ignore it once more. Dot chose to hire Lara (The Archaeologist) and have her perform some research before leading an expedition into the Dome Room. Her endeavor was a rousing success, bringing home an enormous sum of gold.

Once again, the Pirate King demanded Tribute of goods, and once again, none of the provinces were storing any! Dot spent some of her recently acquired wealth on some Religious Vestments, to bring a bit more glory to Mainframe, and performed some research while Nick Fury (supported by Curious George) led another expedition into the Tomb, where he returned with another armload of goods and feeling a bit luckier.

Unfortunately, we were never able to utilize our windfall. The Markets Trembled as the province of Leicester was able to bring goods to market selling for a total of 30 gold, bringing them glory and victory! Their leader chose to improve Reputation.

At the end of the game, Dot decided to keep Ray Tracer, training up his exploration expertise, and improve the Doyle’s hold value in the hopes of one day constructing a colony.

Speaking of colonies, nobody really attempted to get one this game! Everyone was trying to get in on the tomb-exploration action. It was kind of frustrating to find goods I didn’t have much use for instead of cash, relics, or tablets, though in retrospect I could have chosen a better array of goods the first time around. Ah well, such is the way of the game.

Thanks again for reading,
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