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Subject: Pathe News broadcast rss

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Tony Wilson
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(Open with crowing cockerel)

[Scenes of Panzers charging cross country and diving Stukas.]

"It was a dark time in Europe as the fascist tide rolled on and the old
democracies fell under the jackbooted heel of oppression"

[Nazi troopers march past Eiffel tower].

"To the very banks of the English Channel the black tide flowed"
[German officers on a harbour -Calais?- pointing across the water]

"But there - though it lapped to our very shores, it was foiled and halted"
[ Rapid montage of Battleships steaming in column, Spitfires taking off,
Radar towers above the white cliffs of Dover]

"and so frustrated by our ancient sea moat, they turned East"
[ martial Russian music - shot of Kremlin with flags flying, cut to
Hitler in bunker gesturing over map]

"Prudence might have called for further strengthening of our own
defences, but the colonies of the Empire were faced with an even more
insidious threat "

[Oriental Chord - Japanese pilots standing in formation on an aircraft
carrier salute the Emperor, Animated map of the Pacific shows Japanese
octopus with tentacles reaching out
to surround Australia, Burma, India...]

"In this time of world Crisis, it was the Prime minister who understood,
that we must first save our Empire, before we could hope to provide
succour to the rest of Europe"

[Churchill - grim faced - addresses vast crowd from a podium.
Enthusiastic cheering, voice over of the P.M. speaking on radio]

" ..Think not that the enemy we here confront is separate and distinct from that
faced by our possessions in the Pacific. They are but two sides of the same threat
to freedom, a threat to freedom and democracy everywhere.
Alone we cannot hope to stand, but united as an Empire we
will be victorious, so we must first safeguard our colonies..."

[British soldiers in Jungle fatigues on sentry duty in Burma, Royal navy
carriers with Sydney Harbour bridge in the background]...

The UK (and the US) plays strongly to deny Japan any advance,then over the course of the game slowly reduce her position, until eventually Japan (and China) are actually invaded by the US.

However unable to coordinate operation Sea-lion the Fuhrer and Il Duce turn on uncle Joe with a vengence.

Blitzkreig takes out Moscow, and after Plundering the capitals of all of old Europe, the Axis are 29 points ahead by the mid war!

For several turns the game hovers on an automatic win, but the strangulation of Japan, gradually tips the balance so that the Axis lead is slowly eroded.

A severe winter in Russia leaves an opening and Stalin is back in the game, while Allied code breakers finally put paid to the Germans super planning.

Still it is nip and tuck all the way, and from battling to avoid automatic defeat, the Allied race is on to recover and win.

On turn 19 the Axis have a wafer thin lead, but on the final turn, a total re-deployment by the US brings armies from the Pacific, all the way to liberate Paris, France.

Turn 20 Allies win with about a 6 point lead.

A nailbitingly close game for everyone.
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Alain Curato
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And daaaang... Sir, we liberated Paris, Texas.
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