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Subject: The Battle of the Pelium: Night Attack rss

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The Battle of the Pelium: Night Attack

The Battle at Pelium continued. After retreating across the river, Alexander gathered the rest of his forces and began to advance on Pelium and the dozing enemy. The enemy was encamped in a large circle around Pelium, making a perimeter.

Alexander spent the first two turns advancing his forces before initiating his strike. His forces were arranged like this:
From South to North:
His Heavy Cavalry (HC) circled around to the north to cut off the enemies retreat.
Archers and Skirmishers were located in the northeast ‘corner’ where the Hysaspists and HC met.

Turn Three:

ATTACK! Both Phalanx charged a Light Infantry (LI) and Medium Infantry (MI) and engaged them in combat. Two Hysaspists charged light infantry and caused two routs. These routed units were forced to retreat through their own forces and two more sleeping enemies also routed in the chaos of the night assault! Momentum Failed.

Only Clitus woke up immediately and began to move his guard out of Pelium.

Turn Four:

Alex failed his elite. (Bummer, Alex, although able to succeed in Elite and Momentum rolls 80% of the time (1 in 5 chance of failure), failed the first three consecutive rolls which is a 1 in 125 occurrence)

Glaucias led a counter attack against the Heavy Cavalry which held their ground and took the attack to hold the containment circle.

Arrhibaeus began rallying his routed units (which would become his job almost all battle) succeeding 3 times (1 unit was eliminated)

Clitus took his guards and formed a back line

Syrmus rallied once. Had one LI charge some Hysaspists in a distraction charge so 3 other LI were able to pin and flank the other advancing Hysaspists causing it to rout!

Alexander rallied the Hysaspists and ordered his HC to hit the flanks of the LI who were counter attacking in the north. Three LI were routed. The Phalanx initiated shock and routed four Infantry. BUT!!!! The Second Phalanx routed from advancing Javelin fire! EEK! To make matters worse, Alexander failed the much needed momentum roll to begin recovering his units.

The Routed LI found a hole in the HC line (as they were all clumped from their counter attack, and began retreating north. The Second Phalanx fled the field. This is the first Phalanx Alex has ever lost.

Turn Five:

I said three consecutive Alex fails… Well no elite phase for Alex!

Glaucias charged the cavalry and they orderly withdrew just north of the Skirmishers (who were north of the Hysaspists and now south of the Heavy Cavalry.

Arrhibaeus attempted four more rally attempts. Two successes, two eliminated.

Clitus moved his line toward the Phalanx hole, but it was crowded in the awakened camp and they couldn’t reach the now exposed Phalanx flank.

Syrmus rally attempt failed (eliminated) by broke a second Hysaspist as its south flank was exposed.

Alexander rallied the Hysaspists. Two HC hunted down fleeing Infantry and eliminated two units. Two other infantry were routed from shock.

Alexander (momentum) – Alex spent the whole phase recovering 7 units.

Alexander (momentum2) – Three routed infantry were eliminated.

Turn Six:

Alexander (elite): Time for the next charge, and 5 infantry were routed, 1 eliminated. Niacor (Alexander’s contingent commander wounded Syrmus, finishing him for the turn)

Glaucias, Arrhibaeus and Clitus had lost the front of the city walls and spend all their orders in attempted rallies (5 good, 2 bad) and a few movements trying to reform a defensive line (This preparation would prove very beneficial)

Alexander (normal) continued his push against the infantry.

Alexander (momentum) – Failed. Again.

Score was now 60 to 14 RPs. Alexander could taste the victory.

Turn Seven:

Alexander (elite) – Archers and Skirmishers eliminated two routed units. HC and Phalanx eliminated two more (one routed unit and the other unit disbanded as it was surrounded with no retreat path). Alex was now at 80 RPs.

There was time for a last effort and last push by the Pelium Defenders before their whole army dropped their weapons and fled the field.

Glaucias ordered three infantry to hit a Hysaspist resulting in a flank attack and the Hysaspist routed.

Clitus was unable to do anything constructive as his force was completely routed or eliminated. He quivered in his sandals.

Arrhibaeus Charged the routed Hysaspist with javelins and managed to eliminate it!

Syrmus, partially recovered from his wound order the final counter attack of his broken forces, and two LI attacked another Hysaspist pinned against the city walls and routed them. They couldn’t retreat and were eliminated!

The impossible was achieved, Alexander’s army was about to rout! But not yet.

Alexander gave his final order to his Heavy Cavalry who hunted down two fleeing infantry and eliminated them. Now 10 RPs over required, the Defenders fled the battle and Alex was victorious. This was definitely a morale victory for the Defenders though, who did the impossible bringing Alexander’s night ambush to the brink of destruction.
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